Donovan Wolfington Stream New Track- EP Out 4/8 on Topshelf Records

February 26, 2014
Ben Davis

Ben Davis

Donovan Wolfington Stream New Track “Sleeping” via AV Club

“Sleeping” Off Scary Stories You Tell in the Dark EP,
Out 4/8 on Topshelf Records, Pre-Order Up Now

SXSW & April US Tour Dates

If you’re sleeping on New Orleans indie punks Donovan Wolfington, it’s time you wake up!  The AV Club shared the band’s track “Sleeping” today, saying of it,  “Donovan Wolfington recall Weezer’s best moments”. “Sleeping” is off their upcoming 5-song EP Scary Stories You Tell in the Dark, out April 8, 2014 via Topshelf Records.
Listen to “Sleeping”
“Sleeping” is a perfect example of what Donovan Wolfington does best, blending sharp angsty-pop sensibilities evocative of bands such as Weezer and Desaparecidos with warbling guitar lines that wouldn’t be out of place on a Thin Lizzy record.  Couple this with the band’s slightly snarky, gritty New Orleans edge and it becomes really difficult not to get caught up in their songs when you listen.
Listen to “Keef Ripper”
Scary Stories You Tell in the Dark is available today for pre-order via Topshelf Records at
Guitarists/vocalists Neil Berthier and Matthew Seferian met at their college freshman orientation in 2011.  When they realized they not only shared the common dream of getting out of college alive but also the problem that everyone else they had jammed with was not trying to rock nearly as hard as they were, Donovan Wolfington was born.  The current line-up also includes Savannah Saxton (keyboards/vocals) and Michael Saladis (drums).
Scary Stories You Tell in the Dark is the follow-up to 2013’s debut full-length Stop Breathing.  For Scary Stories the band enlisted the help of Chaz Sexton to record everthing except the drums, which drummer Michael Saladis recorded himself as well as mixing and mastering the entire EP.
Donovan Wolfington will be at SXSW this year and will also embark on a brief US tour in April (all tour dates below).
Track Listing:
01) Sleeping
02) Quitting
03) Alone
04) Keef Ripper
05) Hey Alex
Tour Dates:
3/12/2014    SXSW @ Topshelf Records Showcase @ 21st St. Co-op
3/13/2014    SXSW @ Community Records Showcase @ Pearl St. Co-op
3/14/2014    SXSW @ Topshelf Records Showcase @ Soho Lounge (E. 6th St.)
3/15/2014    SXSW @ Backyardtogetherness Showcase @ House Address
4/11/2014    Birmingham, Al @ The Forge
4/12/2014    Nashville, TN @ Neuhau5
4/13/2014    Chicago, IL @ Township
4/14/2014    Grand Rapids, MI @ The House of Pancakes
4/15/2014    Pittsburgh, PA @ The Mr. Roboto Project
4/16/2014    Philadelphia, PA @ Gold Tea House
4/17/2014    Brooklyn @ Death By Audio
4/18/2013    Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space
4/19/2014    Richmond, VA @ House Address

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