Debut video from junkyard pop act Radio Shock‏

February 24, 2014


Radio Shock is a scavenger. The type promised in 90s cyberpunk films but was a mere fantasy as the time. A person that could sift through piles of broken gear and miraculously assemble the perfect hi-tech tool for the job. Over the course of the 00s, this started to become a reality for many young noise musicians. Walls of sound from tabletops of cluttered gear are now a given. But then there is Radio Shock. A man living in the hustle of New York City embracing this same “music by necessity” approach. His entire setup fits in a suitcase. For years he has been using the same keyboard he found being used by a neighbor as a doorstop. He travels to local shows by subway and tours on a Greyhound. His jigsaw puzzle of gear looks like a harsh noise set up. Soon as the sound starts, it is clear he is doing something different though. This urban survivalist has come to party. His pragmatic approach is contemporary, but the energy is more timeless (at least as far as rock n roll is concerned). On his latest 7″, Radio Shock delivers hip swinging tracks, but he also pays homage to the noise scene that inspires his approach. The b-side cover of Wolf Eyes’ classic “Imagine Yourself As Me” brings to light an idea a little ahead of it’s time: Perhaps noise isn’t such a departure from rock after all.

Radio Shock website:
7″ to be released on Decoherence Records:

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