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Nanook Of The North- ‘Panda Eyes’ Single Release + Launch Night Special

January 20, 2014

We’ve previously introduced you to the divine sounds of 4 piece Nanook Of The North. We witnessed the talented quartet perform with Enemies and We’re No Heroes last year as part of a fantastic gig by Jealous Lovers Club. Opening the evenings musical proceedings and instantly impressing the audience. When Nanook Of The North perform live they deliver an incredible wall of sound in which they each cycle through styles from baths to battles. Cleverly sharing percussion duties and synth parts the band at times sounded more like an orchestra.

It’s stated that Nanook Of The North draw their musical influences from the emotive, carefully crafted songwriting of artists such as Bon Iver and Radiohead, as well as the indie math sensibilities of Tall Ships and Foals. Add to this the sprawling soundscapes and bold instrumentals of Boards of Canada and Explosions in the Sky, fused with the creative unrestraint of Islet, you get somewhere close to their style. On stage, the band combine their sound with minimalistic lighting and the film of their namesake, reminiscent of the intimate shows of WU LYF and British Sea Power, producing a unique and engrossing live experience. Fusing this musical knowledge and power – the 4 members create their own legacy found in Nanook Of The North.

Since their formation in 2012 followed by their debut EP release and  ongoing inspiring live sets, the band have drawn a considerable amount of positive feedback from a number of publications and blogs, including The Miniature Music Press, PLUGGED-IN Magazine, Electronic Music Wales, Gwyl Pili Pala and The Sprout. Their self-titled, debut EP which was released the same year as their formation, came out with digital and physical editions,  and this momentous release propelled the band into a successful path. Gaining a wealth of praise from critics and fans alike. The EP was recorded, mixed and produced by the band who have a long history of audio production. This method intends to capture the spirit of their energetic and emotive live shows. The release has also resulted in the band being hailed as ‘Ones To Watch’ by various published media. The band continue to receive  fantastic support- having had national radio airtime on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio Wales (from Jen Long and Adam Walton respectively), Nation Radio and Tequila Radio. Their music has also gained airtime on multiple international radio stations. (including Cardiff, Warsaw, London and Miami .)

We are  delighted to announce that Nanook Of The North are on the edge of releasing their new single ‘Panda Eyes‘. The band finished producing the single at the acclaimed Rockfield Studios and it’s due for release in just under 2 weeks- February 2nd. The artwork for the single which you can see above is Painted by Sean Billy, photographed by Billie Williams and designed by Polly Love.

We have had the privilege in hearing the single prior to it’s release and we can promise you all that you are in for a treat. The new release showcases the band in a whole new direction. Highlighting the band’s maturity both individually and altogether. A truly enchanting orchestration- it’s progressive yet delicate, intimate yet mighty. ‘Panda Eyes’ projects Nanook Of The North into a whole new light- making the listener lust after more.

To celebrate the new single release on Sunday 2nd February, the band, thanks to the the kind folks at Juxtaposed Club Night have allowed them to use their gig at Cardiff’s Gwdihŵ Café Bar alongside Wicket on 30th January as a launch party of sorts.

You can find the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/222993217872903/

This really is the year for Nanook of the North, they’ve got their foot through the door, they’ve gained a loyal and loveable fan-base, they’ve got so much positive recognition for their passion and talent and we love them! The band should be incredibly proud of their efforts and we look forward to seeing them reap their rewards.

Nanook of the North expertly fuse the tender emotion of Bon Iver with the devastating musicianship of Explosions in the Sky… Tender vocals and gentle, twinkling instrumentation, imbued with a powerful twang of sadness. A very impressive first offering from a band I look forward to hearing more from. ” – The Miniature Music Press Magazine

“Wonderful expansive noise, just interesting though, and grainy as well, there’s grit and detail in that as well as [being] just, you know, atmospheric….. I will be playing Nanook of the North, I suspect, many times if they’ll let me ”– Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales

“Can you imagine being outdoors at the end of a runway when a plane takes off? Can you imagine the enormous crescendo hurtling towards you at all those miles per hour? Well I’m almost certain it would be similar to how Nanook of the North began their set […] we found ourselves neck deep in an ocean of symphonic bliss. “- The Ramblers’ Rhetoric Zine

“Indie/ambient/math/post-rock – and all that sounds so unbelievably fragile and at the same time sublime. Their live set is really a must see thing. It’s hard to understand how those guys are putting it all together and making work so well. No, seriously. How can that hairy bearded weirdo produce such a gentle velvety sound? ” – The Sprout Zine

“Cardiff’s indie scene in recent years has become saturated with bands that sound alike, finding it hard to unearth that diamond in the rough. Step forward Nanook of the North. […] Go and discover Wales’ next big indie darling before anyone else does. ” – PLUGGED IN Magazine

“Honestly, I can’t rave enough about this band; I seriously can’t. The EP is incredible, but this recently has circled my head a lot. [His] voice is like velvet, such stunning imagery. If this band don’t make it, I will give up.” – Scriber, Rocking Chair Records

“Panda Eyes certainly has something about it: tender and unrushed, carefully easing along to the eventual explosion of it penultimate act. “- On The Beat Music


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