Lights Over Bridgeport’s Prayers & Eulogies EP Out Now

January 25, 2014

Lights Over Bridgeport’s Prayers & Eulogies EP Out Now
EP Produced By The Swellers Front Man Nick Diener and Mark Michalik (Fireworks, Into It. Over It., The Swellers)


Lights Over Bridgeport is a rock band formed by four friends who grew up on punk rock and metal. They write music for anyone who aspires to make a better life for themselves and the ones they care for. Through wholesale lineup changes and personal tragedies they have continued to make music that they believe in with all their hearts.

Lights Over Bridgeport formed as they exist today in 2006 in the South ‘burbs of Chicago, IL. After releasing a full length album and an EP on their own, the band signed with StayPosi Records in late 2012 before beginning work on a new EP of their strongest material to date, the Prayers & Eulogies EP. Prayers & Eulogies EP was produced by Nick Diener (The Swellers’ frontman) and Mark Michalik (Fireworks, Into It. Over It., The Swellers) and is out now.

On working with LOB, Diener notes, “Lights Over Bridgeport is basically a rocking punk band but with some mutant qualities that set them apart from other bands in the genre. Vocals that soar, making any whiny pop punk vocalist sound wussy in comparison. A band that actually utilizes both guitar players, with riffs and ear candy everywhere. A band immediately sucks if they don’t have a good rhythm section, and LOB has an extremely solid back bone with tight bass and drums. The craftsmanship in these songs is really what is going to make this band success. No one can deny a good song, let alone four in a row.”

Singer/guitarist John Hamlin says, “Having the opportunity to record with the singer of one of our favorite bands was incredible, but what was truly special about working with Nick and Mark on the Prayers & Eulogies EP was being able to capture the energy and sound that we’ve always wanted in a recording. We are extremely pleased with our album and can’t wait to get on the road more in 2014 to share these songs with some new faces!”

Album Artwork: Joe Hamming (Scenery Creative, Creative director for Born and Bred Clothing line)

Prayers & Eulogies is available on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, Spotify, and Bandcamp:


Band members:

John Hamlin – Guitar & Vocals

Miko Ramirez – Guitar

Kevin Jamroz – Drums

Kurt Miller – Bass

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