LIGHTS & MOTION “Reanimation” One Year Anniversary on Deep Elm

January 15, 2014


To celebrate the One Year Anniversary of the release of LIGHTS & MOTION’s critically-acclaimed debut “Reanimation”, Deep Elm Records is allowing downloads on a Name Your Price basis until further notice.

The music of LIGHTS & MOTION will move you, inspire you, excite you and console you. It will make your soul breathe a bit easier. Congratulations to Christoffer Franzen for a timeless album so passionately composed and perfectly executed.

“Greatest Debut in Post-Rock History” – PopMatters
“Debut Album of the Year 2013” – Postrockstar
“Post-Rock Album of the Year” – Metalglory
“Best New Artist of 2013” – Post-Rock FB Page
“Album of the Year of 2013” – Melodic

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