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Introducing Static Masks

January 4, 2014


New Orleans native Patrick Bailey is no stranger to Circuit Sweet. He is best known for his efforts in LoOmis. Patrick is without a doubt one of the hardest working musicians of our time- releasing more albums and more videos than you could think possible. We are amazed at the time and effort Patrick puts into his work and his releases. With a fantastic array of previous releases his back catalogue is something to be proud of. We regularly feature his endeavors in LoOmis but now we can introduce you to his latest outfit and new project Static Masks.

Patrick talks about how the new project started and states “it began as a reason to start anew and experiment with some different sounds and equipment. There’s a nervous excitement when you start something fresh and basically I want that perspective on music. I don’t plan on sticking to a particular sound or style with each track and will possibly be collaborating with others. LoOmis might be quiet for a bit while I tend to this. I’m currently working on an EP and some tracks with my pal Raspy Meow.”

Static Masks has just released a new 3 track EP and a sensational effort at that. Giving us a taste and a need to hear more from this act.

Ladies Tracklisting

1. :: <

2. Ladies

3. > ::

Ladies- 3 track EP is streaming in it’s entirety on bandcamp and available as a name your price download.



As with any outfit that features the talent and brains of Patrick we can assure you this isn’t the last you will hear of Static Masks. We wish this new direction all the best and look forward to future releases!

Be the first to hear new sounds @staticmasks and on facebook.

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