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Introducing James Carroll- A Little League Records Release Special

January 2, 2014


James Carroll is a Singer/Songwriter from Leeds, who specializes in acoustic Math Rock and Emo. Twinkly jams to make those tear ducts flow.

Precarious Position is James’ debut full length, following the release of his EP entitled “Finally Over You”, establishing him as a mainstay of the English emo scene. With lush, full instrumentation, intricately beautiul guitar-work, delicate vocals and poetic lyrics, James makes his mark on Precarious Position.

For fans of artists such as American Football, Owen, Emo Side Project and Penpal.

Precarious Position Tracklisting:

1. I Fucking Hate Myself and I Want to Die
2. Telescopes & Satellites
3. Sunderland Isn’t for Me
4. Change
5. The One with the Emotions
6. Connections
7. Every Note Has a Story in Which Is Part of Me
8. 14 Pennington Terrace
9. Perfect

James’ vocal attributions are very owen’esque, in this stripped back record James’ talents are open wide for all to enjoy,  you are simply destined to love this talent. His record is a breathe of fresh air- it’s mellow, humble and even though the lyrics can be deep and slightly dark, the resonating sounds James’ creates and the honesty of this entire record will win you over. ‘Precarious Position’ is a collection of clever and delicate tracks mixed with an experimental edge.

The new record is out now on the fantastic Little League Records. LLR is an online record label catering to all types of alternative, experimental and unique music, from all around the globe and have a brilliant taste in music!- Little League Records have had a rewarding year to date and have put out more releases than you can imagine, this is a label with a lot of potential and one that you will be thankful for. James Carroll’s artistic abilities sits well in the the plethora of fantastic acts and records this label have already put out.

For all news from James Carroll, you can check out his Facebook here –

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