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Deathbomb Arc Unveil New Compilation ‘EVIL’- Feat Black Pus, True Neutral Crew + More

January 27, 2014


Deathbomb Arc has released a new compilation entitled ‘EVIL’. Featuring all new tracks from Black Pus, True Neutral Crew, Signor Benedick The Moor, and many more. All contributors were asked to write songs about the idea of evil in any form they wished, from the abstract to the specific, from the cartoonish to the most horrible and real. The compilation is available at any price, including free. Any money that is received for it will be donated to the anti-debt charity Rolling Jubilee.


1. diss1 – Used to It
2. Boo Hiss – Still Creepy After All These Years
3. Plack Blague – Beg to Blague
4. VIPER VENOM – Goosebumps
5. Black Pus – Food Is Great
6. Dreamcrusher – Fear
7. Rind – Non-story
8. Sissy Cobb – Hounds
9. Signor Benedick The Moor – Bully (prod. brrrapture)
10. True Neutral Crew – Errthang Bounce
11. GRYPT – Firelighter
12. ParallaxScroll – Igneous

Benefit compilation for the anti-debt charity Rolling Jubilee rollingjubilee.org – 100% of money donated for downloads will be given to Rolling Jubilee.

Acts were asked to write songs about evil in whatever form they wished, from the specific to the abstract; from the cartoonish to the most horrible and real.

EVIL available at: http://deathbombarc.bandcamp.com/album/evil
More info on Rolling Jubilee: http://rollingjubilee.org/

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