Cut Teeth to Begin Recording New LP to Be Released in Early Spring/Late Summer‏

January 16, 2014


Cut Teeth to Begin Recording New LP to Be Released in Early Spring/Late Summer

image002Chicago, IL indie punk rock band Cut Teeth will begin recording their full-length follow up to last summer’s Televandalism EP with Pete Grossman at Bricktop Studio on January 18 where they will be tracking bass and drums. They will be recording everything else with drummer/engineer Matt Jordan at his studio in Crystal Lake, IL in the following weeks. The album is expected to be released in spring/early summer via Topshelf Records. More information will be announced soon.

The creed of Cut Teeth is a simple one: to be loud and be loud together. Dan Yingling, Kyle Johns, Matt Jordan, Dustin Currier began doing so while writing together in Chicago early 2011 when the combination of inheriting a practice space and taking a break from their other musical pursuits (Red Knife Lottery, Monday’s Hero, The Felix Culpa, Stay Ahead of the Weather) created a perfect storm of sorts. Televandalism was the result of this time. No releases come to mind from this scene today that are more loud and unashamedly riff-heavy than this groundbreaking debut EP. It was undoubtedly the most mature effort yet in the band’s musical careers and was been enthusiastically received as such. With the forthcoming LP on the horizon, the future won’t look too different.

Cut Teeth is:

Dan Yingling

Kyle Johns

Matt Jordan

Dustin Currier

Photo credit: Hilary J. Corts

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