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Collider- Bottlin’ It b/w I’m Having a Terrible Time- Tye Die Tapes Release Special

January 5, 2014


Bottlin’ It b/w I’m Having a Terrible Time is the latest in a run of drip-fed songs and short playing releases by tye die tapesCollider. The band from Sheffield have been making music since early 2012 in various forms and, despite writing album’s worth of material, have only released 3 songs to date. This laconic release schedule is indicative of an attention to detail that stands in contrast to current trends.

Musically the two songs demonstrate Collider’s range of influences, taking in the anthemic indie rock of Built to Spill, the latest wave of pop punk peddled by U.S. bands such as Spraynard, Snowing and Dowsing and British and American post-punk (the Collider/Soreface Split cassette artwork prominently featured a Lloyd Cole quote). The lyrics are personal but always self-aware and frequently referential.


1. Bottlin’ It
2. I’m Having a Terrible Time

Collider is Paddy, James, Bobby, Simon and Adam. The two songs were recorded in 2012 at tye die tapes HQ in Sheffield and mastered by Joe Caithness in Nottingham. Bottlin’ It/I’m Having a Terrible Time was released as a download through bandcamp on Friday November 15th- it’s a ferocious and daring release from the quintet and one you are bound to love.

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