The Saddest Landscape Involved in Serious Van Accident; Band Schedules Pair of Benefit Shows‏

December 10, 2013


The Saddest Landscape Involved in Serious Van Accident
No Major Injuries Reported
Band Schedules Pair of Benefit Show on 12/10 (Baltimore)


The Saddest Landscape was involved in a serious van accident on the first day of their East Coast/Mid-Western US tour.

En route to their show in Pittsburgh, PA, the back tire of their van came off, causing the band to lose control of their vehicle on the highway and crash, totaling their van and leaving them stranded in a nearby town. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt. However, a few members of the band sustained injuries that, combined with their current financial situation, are forcing them to cancel the remainder of their tour.

In lieu of the cancellation, the band has scheduled a few benefit shows on their way back home this week.

-Wednesday, 12/10 in Baltimore, MD (details still TBD)

To further help offset costs, the band have added their tour merchandise here:

The Saddest Landscape would like to thank everyone for all of the words of encouragement and well wishes they have received over the past few days, along with all of the promoters on this tour for being so understanding of their current situation.

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