Rad Releases ’13- Alright The Captain

December 29, 2013

1505247_10153598234300133_790353857_nAs the countdown to the end of 2013 quickly approaches we take a personal look back on familiar names, features and musicians’ best releases of the past 12 months. Circuit Sweet will be featuring the featured artists of the site with their personal top 5 releases of the year.

The past 12 months truly has been an incredible year for releases, hard to follow last year in the records produced but this year has uncovered exceptional talent- most of which discovered, promoted and featured right here on this site.

In our end of year special we let our favorites take over the site to tell us the records that have made their end of year lists, their favorite events/gigs and what we can look forward to from them next year.

atc-Continuing our Rad Releases are good friends and valued musicians Alright The Captain. The 3 piece instrumental math rock post rockers consist of Marty Toner on Guitar, Todd Wood on Bass and drummer Jamie Cattermole also of Cheap Jazz who stepped in from their original member Ash West-Mullen. Alright the Captain, hardly need an introduction. A valued, loved and familiar name to Circuit Sweet. An act we urge all to listen to and fall in love with. Individually, the musicians making up ATC are ridiculously talented- together the talent is unreal. Without a doubt Alright The Captain are THE Hardest working band in the UK. When not booking their own gigs and tours, UK and Euro based, the band’s guitarist books other bands under the moniker of Button Pusher- and helps keep their local live scene thriving bringing in touring acts from afar and playing alongside DIY acts from their Nottingham hometown and deserving artists based elsewhere in England. Their bassist creating all the bands artwork/design being done in-house. Alright the Captain represents true hardworking passionate touring musicians. Dedicated to their love of music and uniting people with the love they share. It’s been another hard working and relentless year for the trio which saw the release of their EP ‘CONVERSATIONAL SKILLS FOR THE SOCIALLY ANXIOUS’ on Field Records and the band have toured all across Europe hitting up the festival circuit too. A rewarding year but we look forward to what the next holds for the trio.


ASIWYFA – All Hail Bright Futures

Always pushing their own boundaries this album was a big change for ASIWYFA and its full of awesome riffs.

TERA MELOS – X’ed out


Tune after tune after tune on this awesome record, looking forward to their return to the UK in the New Year.

ANTA – Centurianaut

a0086327314_2An album that’s been on repeat since we put the guys on in Nottingham early in the year. Check them out.

100 ONCES – 100 one says
a2840634283_2What a band, they recently toured the UK and blew our minds.

DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN – One of us is the killer

Do we need to say anything about this really, it’s Dillinger!

BEST GIG – Tough one but our best gig this year was probably Arctangent, we found out 2 days before that we would be playing and it was AMAZING to be part of such an incredible festival!!!

BEST GIG ATTENDED – Shellac in Birmingham, I never ever thought I’d see them so this was definitely a highlight of the year for me, they were soooooooo good!!!

– We’ll be recording a new album early in the new year and will be touring as much as we can throughout the year, we’re back in Europe in April with our bro’s Cheap Jazz and we’ll be kicking that tour off in Belgium at DUNK! Festivals 10th Anniversary which we’re very excited about.

We thank Alright The Captain for their take over and we look forward to crossing paths again next year- and to hear this new album! Good luck guys,



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