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December 6, 2013


Spartan Records Releases Free Download Sampler Featuring Tracks From

Schematic, Daisyhead, Mae, Shy, Low and More


Burgeoning Seattle, WA based indie label Spartan Records (Schematic, Daisyhead, Shy, Low) has released a free download sampler titled The Sound We’re Making, featuring tracks from their roster.

Label founder John Frazier says, “We’re so thankful for your support, so as a sign of thanks, we’re pleased to offer you the first ever free Spartan Records sampler, The Sound We’re Making. It includes 10 tracks – one from each Spartan release to date, including songs from Schematic, Over the Ocean, Daisyhead, Shy, Low, Waypoint, and more. Download it here.”

Track Listing:

Schematic “Stand”
Daisyhead “I Couldn’t Face You”
Over the Ocean “Arguing Philosophies”
Waypoint “Solus”
Shy, Low “Presence”
Ourlives “Out of Place”
Mae “Embers and Envelopes”
Over the Ocean “Everything Will Change”
Sky’s The Limit “A Song For Kate”
Anchor & Braille “Sound Asleep”

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