Folie Ordinaire Share their video for ‘Chez Folie’ (Free Download)

December 18, 2013

chez folie single

London’s exhilarating new-wave disco pioneers, Folie Ordinaire, present the title track from their second EP, ‘Chez Folie’ – with an exclusive club remix by Robin Twelftree – available for download/stream via Soundcloud –

Today, the band unveil their new video for this single which is featured below-

Capturing the steamy dancefloor essence of the band’s unforgettable live shows, ‘Chez Folie’ is an explosion of shimmering synth and sparkling guitar soldered to an irresistible bassline and disco beat that doesn’t consider standing still to be a viable option. Over it all, the sensual falsetto of frontman Antoine builds to an ecstatic choral hook.

Since forming in 2010, Folie Ordinaire’s funky assemblage of edgy live electro and choppy house has had audiences throwing shapes at such major festivals as Standon Calling, Lovebox and Secret Garden Party, as well as a series of vital gigs throughout the UK and France. With an abundance of memorable poppy melodies married to joyous grooves, and flashes of rootsy rock and soul thrown into the hedonistic whole, Folie Ordinaire are a life-affirming, aural celebration of sensuality. The band’s pan-national line-up is indicative of the cultural mash-up of England’s capital, yet, as any Folie fan knows, it’s not where you’re from, it’s where the party’s at.

Folie Ordinaire are going into orbit around a planet where ESG mingle with T-Rex and Visage, while Bowie is just the janitor HomeSpun Quirky, crazed disco-punk band Folie Ordinaire brought hip-thrusting sexual rebellion to the party Lovebox Fresh, exciting future punk, Folie Ordinaire astounded us Rollright Fayre Folie Ordinaire sparked a disco inferno; their sharp, unfussy backbeats were a rare treat Lost in the Manor

Listen to the full ‘Chez Folie’ EP here: Folie Ordinaire will be embarking on a series of live dates and releasing new material in the New Year.

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