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Bearcubbin’! (Members of The Smashing Pumpkins and The Jezebel Spirit) team with Little League Records- Release Special

December 18, 2013


Way back in 2010 we introduced you to the likes of The Jezebel Spirit- it was then we spoke to guitarist Chris Scott and discovered his other band Bearcubbin’- we had one of our first ever interviews with Bearcubbin’ and I believe it was discovering them and supporting that band that put us on the map- we will be forever grateful that we fell in love with the music Bearcubbin’ deliver. We’ve passionately followed the band throughout the past 3 years and we are now excited to share their latest venture.

Bearcubbin’! are a three piece Math Rock band from Portland, Oregon, ready to take over the world with their hectic, crazy, warped mathy masterpieces!

The talented band have teamed up with the fantastic guys at Little League Records on a collaboration that became a compilation of all of their music to date in one place, entitled the Destoyer Collection.

Destroyer Collection is a collection of their first 3 EP’s and a remix EP from Irish Wonky/Hip-Hop producer Auxiliary Phoenix. With Destroyer, we see the natural evolution of the three piece’s sound, and the varied, signature stylings they so immaculately supply. Featuring a current line-up of Chris Scott’s (of The Jezebel Spirit), Mike Byrne (of The Smashing Pumpkins) and Patrick Dougherty (also of The Jezebel Spirit), Bearcubbin’! provide jagged math rock anthems, with dancing, brain melting rhythms and catchy, danceable hooks.

Destroyer Collection Tracklisting

1. Le Don Cheedle’s Choice Blend
2. Crash Into Savings (What If The Dave Matthews Band Was Your Claims Adjuster?)
3. If I Were 5 Years Younger And You Were 4 Years Older, This Would Still Be Creepy.
4. How Would You Like It If I Sold Burritos Where You Buy Religion?
5. Hot Otter Music
6. Your Teen Angst Is So Precious I Want To Dress It Up In Meier & Frank Kid’s Clothes And Take Pictures Of It In A Tiny Train
7. Only Real Vegans Don’t Let You Throw Away Hot Dog Wrappers In Their House
8. Snakes On A Plane, On Fire, On Ice, In Your Mom’s Bedroom, With The Lights On, So They Can Make Eye Contact The Entire Time.
9. Stephen Balwin’s Address At The Whitehouse Press Correspondants Dinner
10. Gary Busey’s Clay Teeth 08:35
11. Bearcubbin’! is Fuckin’ Dead! (Kitty City)
12. Double Decker Doug Doogleson
13. Good Job, Fat Dracula!
14. Tea Party for My Friends
15. Good Job, Fat Dracula! (Instrumental)
16. Bearcubbin’! & Auxiliary Phoenix – Intro (Montage)
17. Bearcubbin’! & Auxiliary Phoenix – Stephen Baldwin’s Address At The Whitehouse Correspondents Dinner (Remix)
18. Bearcubbin’! & Auxiliary Phoenix – Good Job, Fat Dracula! (Remix)
19. Bearcubbin’! & Auxiliary Phoenix – Gary Busey’s Clay Teeth (Remix)
20. Bearcubbin’! & Auxiliary Phoenix – Tea Party For My Friends

Streaming in it’s entirety and available as a name your price download via bandcamp http://littleleaguerecords.bandcamp.com/album/destroyer-collection

For those unaware of Little League Records- now is your chance to support a hard working and passionate label- Little League Records is an online record label catering to all types of alternative, experimental and unique music, from all around the globe. https://www.facebook.com/LittleLeagueRecords

Crank up the speakers and get your mind blown by sensual looping, earpelting experimental mathrock fuzz. Love a band that provide straight up honest and raw orchestrations.

We thank Little League Records for reuniting us with such talent.

Don’t forget you can also pick up some Bearcubbin’ merch from our store alongside The Jezebel Spirit releases and much more…. http://circuitsweet.bigcartel.com/

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