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December 12, 2013





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Following the success of debut album ‘Rise Ye Sunken Ships’ (iTunes Best Alternative Album of 2011), the trio formerly known as We Are Augustines return with their highly anticipated self-titled album “Augustines” set for release on February 3rd 2014 via Votiv/Caroline International.

After selling out The Lexington show in just four minutes last week, Augustines are also proud to announce that they will return to the UK on April 14th for a headline show at Koko in Camden, London as part of their ‘Walkabout Tour’ in 2014.

Co-produced by Peter Katis, (The National, Frightened Rabbit, Interpol, Jonsi) Augustines marks a milestone on an amazing journey that has seen the band move forward from the immense tragedies that were expressed on their emotional debut.

“The first record was obviously very personal,” recalls singer/guitarist Billy McCarthy. “It was about cold, hard truth. Cold, hard fact. There was nothing I could do to help any of the characters in the songs last time. This time it’s absolutely about having the ability to help all the characters in the songs. There’s an empowerment to it.“

Ready to enter a bright new phase in their collective lives, the trio have returned with their epic new album that they refer to as a ‘Walkabout’; the story of going on a journey to re-find yourself after going through a life changing experience.

“We travelled the world searching for what really matters in life and looked for new goals, “explains multi-instrumentalist Eric Sanderson. “And like most things in life we found that the most important thing was right in front of our faces. People. Interacting with people, inspiring them and being inspired by them is all that matters in life, so we built this record with other people in mind. “

The journey is a never ending road for this band. Following their world tour, McCarthy embarked on an extended expedition that took him to Kenya, Turkey, Mexico, and Alaska on his trusty motorbike. He also drifted back to the Applegate elementary school in California, the very first place where he learned to play an instrument.

“I wanted to go back to the most stripped down form,” he says, “to when and where music first touched me. It was very soothing, having been at this for twelve years, to limp back to this small town grade school.”

Meanwhile, Sanderson and British drummer Rob Allen worked on demos of their own, each still abuzz with ideas and experiences garnered on the infinite tour. In late November 2012, Augustines reconvened for a month of rehearsing and recording at Temperamental Recordings, a converted 19th century country church in Geneseo, New York.

“It was like a music factory,” Allen says. “You could just feel the creativity oozing. We’d been playing basically the same set for two years so it was just like an overflow of ideas, like lava from a volcano.”

From the start, the sessions evinced a decidedly more optimistic point of view than the one which fired their heart-breaking debut, with songs like the forthcoming single ‘Nothing To Lose But Your Head’ and the buoyant ‘Kid, You’re On Your Own’ all lit by positive vibrations and striking confidence.

Where their first record was created in relative isolation, ‘Augustines’ was made “with the awareness that we weren’t going to be alone anymore,” says McCarthy. “This is us handing it over to those people that sang our songs back to us all over the world.”

Get ready to start walking, singing and dancing with Augustines all over again.

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Augustines are:
Billy McCarthy – vox/guitar, Eric Sanderson, bass, vocals/keys and Rob Allen on drums.

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