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Introducing GirlsonDrugs- Anonymous Records Special

November 26, 2013


‘Future Music’ producer Luke Lount -aka ‘GirlsonDrugs’- is set to release his new single via Anonymous Records on 7” vinyl (and all digital formats) in mid November 2013. This release will feature, A-Side of new track ‘Washd’ and a B-Side of fan-favourite ‘National’. ‘Washd’ -a truly beautiful and ‘spacey’ production- seems to glide on (rising star, and, in fact, cover star) – Kat McHugh’s sultry vocal and when listening to this, you can’t help but to be completely captivated by her calls for change and ‘better times’.

In stark contrast (fan- favourite) ‘National’ rushes in unannounced, driven by that -now infamous-bass line and ‘reticent vocal’ and doesn’t ease off once in its entirety…two contrasting releases, yet two tracks instantly identifiable as ‘GirlsonDrugs’ music.

Luke has this to say of his, unique, sound:” GOD: “I create what I call ‘Future Music’ so naturally, the definitive sounds of such a fresh genre are blurred. It’s hard to categorise because I try to make a unique sound. If you like Future garage or Modern Electronic Indie you’re in the right ballpark”.”

Luke’s intricate production has brought him a great deal of attention from all corners of the globe… noticeably in America and Germany where he has featured in several ‘Youtube’ compilations and has, subsequently, created a strong digital fan base…a fan base which included Anonymous Records co-owner, Stew: “As soon as I heard Luke’s tracks online, I essentially ‘pestered’ him to meet with me. What he was (and is) doing, sounded so different, and so powerful that it instantly grabbed me and both Owen and I were then determined to be a part of his musical future. Luke, truly, occupies a time and space that is completely his own and we can’t wait to hear where he goes with it next.””

The ‘pestering’ clearly worked…as this single marks both ‘GirlsonDrugs’ and rookie label ‘Anonymous Records’ first, official, vinyl release and everyone is “delighted” with forthcoming plans for both future releases and tours.”

The labels next release will be a download of producer ‘Got Jump’ in early 2014.!


Single: ‘Washd’ and ‘National’

Released: 7” and digital Catalogue: Anon0001!

Band Website:

Label Website:

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