Coffeebreath and Heartache Records Release Special- Pentimento

November 6, 2013

CAH015_Pentimento_Preview_WEB37e8faCoffeebreath and Heartache are amazed to announce the release of the new Pentimento record, a one-sided 12″ EP by the band from  Buffalo, NY. The follow up to the amazing self-titled album will finally be available on colored vinyl with preorders also starting  November 3rd, limited to 300. The US version is available from Paper + Plastic again.

The whole EP is already available for streaming over on Soundcloud, brought to you by the fine folks of PropertyOfZack

Side A:
1. Not So Young
2. Just Friends
3. Any Minute Now…
4. It´s Okay

Side B:

Pressing Info (1st Pressing)

  • Limited to 300 on colored vinyl (100x clear/ trans blue mixed, 200x black/white mixed)
  • All records have a special handscreened cover and b-side

“Established in the Summer months of 2010, Buffalo, NY’s Pentimento have been engaged non-stop in the effort to make their mark on the canvas of concepts that has birthed their sound. With the release of their self-titled debut full length, Pentimento strives to continue their embrace of sonic honesty, passion for their craft, and eagerness to grow. The very spirit of this band can be felt when listening to their songs, which is exactly what sets the precedence for the band and their music.

Pentimento sets themselves apart through their transparency and availability to their listeners. Their raw and genuine approach to punk rock captures the listener in a way that makes them a veritable part of the music, and just as important as the band or their songs could ever be in the first place. Without the shared experience, the substance does not exist.
“Just because we happen to put the pen to paper in some particular instance doesn’t make these songs anymore ours than they are yours. Our music is about the things that belong to us all. Our encounters, our hardships, our triumphs, our ideas, our perception, and the human experience. “WE” wrote it, and by that I mean it is equally – if not more significant to have those who listen to our music be connected with it – as it is for us to write the songs in the first place. This music is in all of our hands as human beings. That is exactly what it is meant for. Without the ability to relate, our ideas as a band and as individuals would be unrecoverable” says drummer Michael Hansen.

Pentimento is a group of 4 individuals aspiring to catch the thoughts and feelings that obscure our inability to make sense of everything from our day-to-day lives to the darkest corners of our brain, and all the in-between. Through every darkness and every daybreak, all our questions and their answers, our heartache and our happiness, victory or tragedy – we have each other, and that message is what Pentimento aims to accomplish with their art form.”


CAH 011: Pentimento – Pentimento
(repress with inverted covers)

Besides some leftover copies of the 1st press Coffeebreath and Heartache heard your calls for some more copies of this absolute gem and they have 100 more copies on solid silver vinyl, but this time around with inverted covers, the artwork printed in black on white this time. Just have a look at the little preview above … Side A:

01. – Unless 03:51
02. – Circles 04:14
03. – Conscience (Consequence) 02:47
04. – The Wind 02:32
05. – No One Lets You Know 03:11
06. – Days Away 03:29
Side B:
07. – The Bridge (Acoustic) 02:43
08. – Almost Atlantic 04:38
09. – Subtle Words 03:22
10. – For Winter 02:44
11. – On Summer 03:12
Download only bonus tracks:
12. – Circles (Acoustic) 03:44
13. – Unless (Acoustic) 04:32
(Acoustic versions of “Unless” & “Circles” were recorded by Paul Besch and appear courtesy of Quiet Country Audio.)
Pressing Info (1st Pressing)
  • chrystal clear with clear blue and black vinyl (limited to 100)
  • chrystal clear with gold vinyl (limited to 200)
Pressing Info (2nd Pressing)
  • solid silver vinyl (limited to 100)


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