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Kid606 releases new album & new beat tape

October 25, 2013


Kid606 new album, ‘Happiness’, is out on Tigerbeat6 digitally now, having been released earlier this week Oct 21st
and is available in a physical format cd/vinyl on Oct 29.

‘Happiness’, the latest album from Kid606, is reflective and nostalgic. But what else would one expect from the guy who first brought a California punk sensibility to glitch electronics with his label Tigerbeat6; was one of the first acts signed to Mike Patton’s Ipecac Recordings; and was one of the first to shatter the taboo of crossing the rap and avant-garde genres? Oh wait, maybe this is the very last thing one would expect! Kid606, aka Miguel De Pedro, is fifteen years into a career well known for bold moves and statements. A career that quickly made him an iconic figure for his distinctly American, renegade approach to experimental electronic and dance music. He earned himself a coveted cover photo on The WIRE magazine yet still never made it all about him. Through his label he has always made sure people know there are tons of equally talented and forward thinking acts out there. Eventually this momentum led him to Berlin where he could take part in the influential, and hedonistic, dance scene there; a gateway to performing for ravenous crowds across Europe whenever he pleased. An experience that helped Miguel’s music grow exponentially, but also ran him into the ground with indulgent partying typically lasting beyond the next day’s sunrise. A moment like this in one’s career can’t last forever though, and Miguel has reemerged back in California, with his headquarters in the secluded desert in Joshua Tree. A location where he can create music in an entirely new way, but also remain engaged in Los Angeles’ booming music scene. A new phase in the Kid606 story has begun. Miguel is a master in his field, and ‘Happiness’ is the album where he reflects back on this wild ride. From the weird, last outpost of western expansion known as San Francisco, to the party capital of Europe, back to the lonesome plains; Kid606 is truly a cowboy singing his sagely song now. Or as another group of California pioneers noted, “What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been.”

In addition, Kid606 has made an accompanying beat tape called ‘Going Back To Kali Yuga’. It is available on bandcamp and soundcloud.

In anticipation of his new album, ‘Happiness’ (October 21st on Tigerbeat6), Kid606 has dropped a 6 track mixtape of exclusive new, non-album tracks. Given Kid606’s recent return to California, the mixtape title ‘Going Back to Kali Yuga’ has an obvious meaning. Then again, the Hindu Kali Yuga epoch has been going on since over 3000 years BC. Any return to this apocalyptic time could only be one of consciousness. The Sikhs consider this an era when people should meditate as much as possible. What Kid606 has to meditate upon that is dark and involves a return to where he started is up for speculation though. In the meantime, enjoy these freaked-out moody synth-hop jams!


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