Haptix Unveil Ultraviolet EP on Bitnormal Records‏

October 16, 2013


Ultraviolet EP is the debut release from Haptix.

Haptix were founded in early 2013 in Verl, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Even though playing in the formation of a standard 5 piece rock band, their music is far from common. Haptix perform electronic bass music by using innovative music technology containing motion controlled instruments and sound effects combined with a whole host of other electronic gear.

Against the the common tendency of using playback tracks on stage, Haptix are performing electronic bass music completely live.

Ultraviolet is available NOW as a name-your-price downlaod.


1. Haptix
2. Trigger My Senses
3. Back In Time
4. Ready To Rumble
5. Collect All The Coins
6. T Minus Zero

#FFO Feed Me, Kill The Noise, Pendulum

Haptix debut EP, Ultraviolet, is available NOW as a name-your-price download by clicking HERE.

You can also see the band in action in this live performance of Ready To Rumble by clicking HERE.

Bitnormal is an independent net-based record label specialising in electronica. A very promising new label who represent artists that are dark, dirty, glitchy, funky, ambient and down right awesome.

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