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Introducing… Scary People

September 4, 2013


For fans of… Death From Above 1979, Queens of the Stone Age, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Dundee based alternative rock band, Scary People announce the release of their debut EP, Smoke, out via RedRoom Recordings on September 23rd 2013.

To promote the forthcoming EP release the band are giving away the track ‘Dreams of Gold’ – a song that confirms Scary People’s ability to produce technically superb alternative rock, energetically laden with time changes and bound by glorious hooks reminiscent of the likes of Death From Above 1979.

You can download ‘Dreams of Gold’ below

Scary People were born from the partnership between two tour technicians who had only one week to form a band and rehearse a set before their first gig at a sold out show with fellow Dundee locals, The View. Rising to the task, Dan Forouhar (guitar/vocals) and Scott Anderson (drums) called upon close friends, Steven Anderson (guitar/vocals), Jamie Brown (bass) and Troy Lynch (guitar), to join them to prepare for a show that would immediately gain them an impressive crowd response and, since then, a dedicated following.

The resultant debut EP Scary People have created is one that gives the impression of a band who have been honing and crafting their sound for years. Smoke is an accomplished debut epitomised by tracks like ‘Smokescreen’ and the aforementioned ‘Dreams of Gold’ as they set the tone for the EP – grabbing the listener by the throat and overwhelming them with thumping, driven drum beats, soaring guitar passages and heady distorted vocals.

The band’s debut EP, Smoke, will be released alongside two special hometown performances, with the EP’s successor already in the early stages of production.

Having recorded and produced, Smoke, independently, Scary People maintain a strict DIY ethic towards all of their creative outlets; including promoting their own shows, directing their own videos and printing their merchandise by hand. The band have since sold out a hometown headline show, supported The Cribs and filled the headline slot at the Inspire stage at this years Doune The Rabbit Hole festival.

Smoke is out on 23rd September 2013 via RedRoom Recordings.


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