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Introducing… Pincers

September 18, 2013

ImageProxy.mvcFor fans of… Nick Cave, Syd Barrett, Donavan, David Bowie

Pincers‘ debut EP Molt is pleasantly unsettling, darkly satirical and bizarre. The EP is released on 18th November 2013 via Volkspark.

Molt takes its name from the process anthropods endure when they shed their exoskeleton, a necessary practice lest they become constricted and die trapped in the shell of their old selves. This is also the function of the EP, songwriting being a necessary process to ensure Pincers can continue to exist.

The music is reminiscent of Nick Cave and Syd Barrett. Macabre yet comical tracks like opener, ‘Death’s Sieve’, describes the archetypical figure of Death reversed, presenting him as a childish transvestite whom rides a rocking horse and prepares die charts under the heaven’s stairs. Pincers has produced a lyrically and musically engaging sound to combine with fascinating video content.
The video for ‘A Sociopath To Fame’ is available to watch now on YouTube.

The bleak poetry of ‘A Sociopath to Fame’ tells a first person account of a deranged psychopath who locates a victim via a social media site, murders the boy in a strange ritualistic fashion involving an ‘eel clogged oesophagus,’ dumps the body in Shadwell canal and then posts a photo of themselves with the victim onto their ex’s social media profile with the understanding they will soon be famous. Molt isn’t for the weak hearted.

The vocals sit sonically between accomplished, melodic guitar playing. Pincers uses a hollow body guitar to utter shimmering notes, plucked and strummed to the beat of the squeaking tremolo arm, warping the sound throughout the release. With samples obtained via iPhone and then edited at home foley artist style, Pincers mutilates sound effects and blends them into the music to provide triggers to flare the listener’s sense memories, the sound of bicycle spokes grating against a toothbrush being just one example. The process and the results are both distinctive, creating an EP that’s challenging, vivid, and wildly imaginative.

Molt is due for release on 18th November via Volkspark Records.

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