Atom Eye returns with ‘The Otolith Sessions’

August 17, 2013



“… a masterful display of evocative music and true experimentation…”The Music Fix

Following the release of the cinematic EP Trilogy120, Atom Eye aka Elsie Martins returns with an ambitious full length album The Otolith Sessions due for release on 18th November 2013 via Forwind. The album is the culmination of a year’s worth of sound experiments captured on various machines of a bygone era.The materials underlying each composition were formed from experiments with magnetic tape manipulation – deconstructing, layering, looping, suspending, pitch-warbling… carefully tended arrangements that unravel gently, to glorious, dramatic effect.

The Otolith Sessions will be offered as a limited edition CD accompanied with an exquisitely presented book featuring beautiful images and texts eluding to the recording materials, machinery and processes.This indispensable companion piece to the recording also encompasses an audio cookbook with recipes for you to create your own magnetic tape experiments.


Elsie Martins is a musician who takes raw elements of atonal field recordings and morphs them into compositions and rhythms – both dark and light, intense and subtle, whole and transient. Atom Eye takes you on a journey: it’s the soundtrack to your dreams… or your nightmares.

A slow rumble sneaks across the dreamy haze of a winter’s moor… like an aural spectre; never quite visible, but definitely there. The haze burns off as a crisp sun rises through the hills scorching a path through the landscape as though its energy were focused through a magnifying glass. Atom Eye is the glass that pierces through you, darkly.

Drawing influences from film soundtracks, experimental music and sound art, The Otolith Sessions was mixed & co-produced by James Aparicio (Liars, Spiritualized) and features guest appearances from regular collaborators; award-winning percussionist Pete Lockett (Björk, David Holmes, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Lee Scratch Perry, Primal Scream) and Mute Artist, Composer and Producer Simon Fisher Turner whose work includes soundtracks for Derek Jarman‘s Caravaggio,The Last of England,The Garden and David Lynch-produced Nadja.

The Otolith Sessions will be released on the Forwind imprint on the 18th November 2013.

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