Turnpike Glow unveil Michelangelo Antonioni homage in new video‏

July 18, 2013


“They’re sounding bigger and brighter than ever before.” The 405

“Everyone’s tried their hand and fledging wild ideas out of alternative rock, but few pull it off with as much aplomb as this lot.” This Is Fake DIY

Packed with colour – and retaining a psychedelic edge” Clash

Turnpike Glow
New video for ‘Heels In Madrid’ available to watch now

EP Fünke Pop out now

Psychedelic indie-pop band Turnpike Glow have unveiled the video for their track ‘Heels In Madrid’. Taken from their recently released Fünke Pop EP, the track is perhaps the most reflective from the EP’s four new cuts and is accompanied by an equally immersive video.

The video is comprised of clips from four different films from cult Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni, edited to make its own narrative that works in sync with the song. The videos creator Andrea Crema said: “I immersed myself in the music and built it slowly and instinctively like a jigsaw puzzle, day after day or rather night after night. The idea of using four movies by Italian cult director Michelangelo Antonioni struck me as soon as I heard the song. I could tell right away that Antonioni’s enigmatic and classy pictures would fit the emotional flow and the rhythm of the track. I would say it’s a tribute to Michelangelo Antonioni and his leading ladies, such as Monica Vitti”.

Turnpike Glow’s most recent EP has so far seen some fantastic reviews, with critics praising the bands unbridled creativity and playful approach to songwriting. Available now through the bands Bandcamp page, Funke Pop is the precursor to the bands forthcoming debut album.

Turnpike Glow is: Giuseppe La Mela (Vocals/ Bass/ Keys), Sandro Schiena (Vocals/ Guitar/Keys), Anthony J. Hutchinson (Drums) and Tom P. Griffiths (Guitar/BV’s)

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