Stream the first singles from Dowsing and Football, etc. and then pre-order them from the Count Your Lucky Stars Webstore! Label Now Distributed by Allegro/NAIL!‏

July 28, 2013


Stream the first singles from Dowsing and Football, etcs upcoming releases, and then pre-order them! Label Now Distributed by Allegro/NAIL!

Count Your Lucky Stars Records has been eagerly anticipating this day for a long time for a lot of reasons.  First and foremost, they are debuting songs off of two new albums that are sure to be summer smashes!  Head over to to stream the title track of the new Dowsing LP, I Don’t Even Care Anymore.  Then jaunt over to the Indie Shuffle to download “Fair” which is the song that kick-starts the new Football, etc. LP  To pre-order both LP’s (along with a swanky shirt) Go to their store!

They also added a handful of the Dowsing/Haverford/Run Forever/Captain, We’re sinking Stay Sweet fest 12″ limited edition splits so grab one of those before they are gone for good. get at it here.

A second thing that we have kept under our caps for a long time is that CYLS is now being distributed by the Allegro/NAIL Music Group, which means North Americans can pick up releases in their favourite record store. So on August 13th, go to your favorite store and get the new Dowsing and Football, etc.  They should also be carrying Joie De Vivre‘sWe’re All Better Than This , so if you don’t see any >CYLS releases there, please PLEASE ask them to carry them. The label has wanted to get releases in brick and mortar stores for a long time, and starting in August that dream will come true!

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