Seattle psych-prog shapeshifters Midday Veil share ‘Without And Within’ from new album, The Current‏

July 20, 2013

(Photo credit: Marleigh Atherton with video processing by David Golightly)

Seattle psych-prog shapeshifters Midday Veil share the languid orchestral dream, ‘Without And Within’ from their brand new album, The Current which is due for release on 2 September in the UK/EU via Translinguistic Other.

You can listen and share via their Soundcloud

Produced by Seattle luminary Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Master Musicians of Bukkake) and featuring original artwork by Robert Beatty, Midday Veil’s follow-up studio LP The Current harnesses the experimental intensity of their previous improvised releases with a return to the arena of songcraft. Opening with the krautrock-esque exuberance of the title track, the album quickly takes a turn for the modal, moving through the freakish drone-rock of ‘Choreia,’ the uncanny, disembodied chant of ‘Remember Child,’ the aforementioned languid ‘Without And Within’, the inorganic underworld of ‘Sun Stone’ before arriving at the album’s dark climax: the 11-minute psych-glam-metal opus ‘Great Cold of the Night’.
Don’t forget, there is a video for ‘Great Cold Of The Night’ by director Steven Miller; check it out here:
The band are playing a two-day festival in Seattle on 11 & 12 October (their performance on 11th) including performances by Silver Apples, Lumerians, Cave, Master Musicians of Bukkake, Cloudland Canyon, Fungal Abyss and Night Beats. Tickets and more information can be found here:

Read on for more information about the Midday Veil…

Emerging from the slippery, mythical darkness of the Pacific Northwest—where even the mushrooms have mushrooms growing on them—Midday Veil combines haunting vocals and cosmic synth work with driving, hypnotic rock grooves to produce music that rewards careful listening and defies easy categorisation.

The band began in 2008 as a collaboration between Emily Pothast, a vocalist and songwriter from Texas who earned an MFA in visual art before becoming a full-time musician and David Golightly, an analog synth-head who was deeply influenced by courses led by Karlheinz Stockhausen during his studies in composition and electronic music in Germany. In early 2009, Midday Veil’s sound was catalysed by the addition of guitarist Timm Mason, a prolific multi-instrumentalist obsessed with modular synthesis, musique concrète and Middle Eastern guitar tones. Bassist Jayson Kochan, drummer Chris Pollina, and percussionist Sam Yoder provide the rhythmic foundations for this release.

Midday Veil’s 2010 debut studio album Eyes All Around garnered high praise from a handful of taste-makers however it is the band’s ecstatic improvised cassette releases Subterranean Ritual II (2011) and INTEGRATRON (2012)—recorded in an acoustically perfect wooden dome built with “extraterrestrial guidance” on a magnetic vortex in the Mojave desert—that have created the biggest ripples in the experimental underground.

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