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Introducing Falling Off Maps

July 22, 2013


Debut single ‘Honest’ released August 12th


A Seaside Town In Winter. The phrase conjures a wealth of images. A frozen ghost town or a dead space – a place of imprisonment and a need to escape. A Seaside Town In Winter is the name of the forthcoming debut album by new Nottingham five-piece Falling Off Maps.

“My parents live in a seaside town and in winter it becomes desperate, desolate place,” says singer/guitarist David Wright. “In summer it’s thriving but out of season when winter arrives and the tourists flee, businesses can’t survive and everything just stops. That image seemed to inspire the birth of the music and the way in which it evolved from there.”

The title set the tone for Falling Off Maps’ haunted sound. A Seaside Town In Winter is bleak – yes, but ultimately it is uplifting too. Highs can’t exist without lows and vice versa – as such Falling Off Maps make music that ebbs and flows. Here elegiac electro and condensed musical dramas share similar sonic space as Radiohead and Leonard Cohen, Bon Iver, Death Cab For Cutie and early Elbow.

Each song illuminates the minutiae of melancholy and peaks and troughs at its own pace. Witness the shimmering and iridescent ‘The Redeemer’, the choral chant on ‘Wolf River / The Smoking River At The Hotel Cafe’ or the hushed whisper of the fragile, string-laden, first single ‘Honest’.

‘Honest’ is backed by an equally stirring video, filmed, written and directed by band members Dane Prewett and David Wright. The video is part one of three, all shot with a single story arc, which plays out in reverse order. Each video can be viewed with its own storyline but the idea is for each to be open ended and evocative, allowing viewers to ask questions, whilst clues placed throughout hint at the true nature of the tale.

Falling Off Maps’ debut single ‘Honest’ is released 12th August through Square Peg Round Hole Recordings.

Falling Off Maps are: Dave Wright (vocals / guitar), Dane Prewett (bass / electronics), Joe Watts (guitar), Tom Harrison (piano), Jay Wright (drums).

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