in violet – opal Released on 8th July on Cognitive Dissonance Records

July 6, 2013


in violet – opal

Released on 8th July on Cognitive Dissonance Records

‘We’re All Dying, Says Sylvia’ is an abrasively yet intensely melodic piece of work that exchanges clarity of sound for a much more satisfying swathe of noise.” – Gareth O’Malley, Green White & Gold Sounds

‘opal’ will be released on a limited CD in a spectacular handcrafted pack created by the incomparable ACDSleeve, and will be available through in violet’s Bandcamp page. The album is a slow-burning yet compelling collection of tracks which sidle quietly into your brain and set up residence; they tangle around each other in amongst your subconscious and take you, not by force, but by sweet-talking stealth.

in violet inhabit a musical world that can only be described as post industrial; taking influence from Nine Inch Nails and A Perfect Circle, yet at the same time sounding like neither, they seamlessly blend heavy guitars and delicate, disembodied vocals to produce stark, brutalist soundscapes occasionally leavened by moments of stunning beauty. If this is industrial, it’s the abandoned warehouse that occasionally appears in your dreams, full of shifting shapes and scenes that are almost familiar.

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