‘Aerosol’ by Algernon Doll available to download now!‏

July 24, 2013


‘Aerosol’ by Algernon Doll available to download now!

…one of the most exciting new artists to emerge in a while.
Artrocker Magazine

…Citalo-pop is a raw and expressive collection from an articulate young songwriter
Whiteboard Project

For fans of… Elliott Smith, Red House Painters, Owen, Mark Lanegan
Algernon Doll returns with the free download track ‘Aerosol’, taken from his second album Citalo-pop, which is out now via Common Records.

‘Aerosol’ is the final release from the successful album Citalo-pop. The sophomore release has been well received with Artrocker Magazine scoring the album 5/5, as well as gaining support from the likes of The 405, God Is In The TV and Glasgow Podcart.

‘Aerosol’ differs from the earlier singles, ‘Anti-them’ and ‘Cassini’, highlighting Ewan Grant’s introspective side. Floating harmonies are punctured by Ewan’s tortured vocals and weighty lyrics. Despite the melancholic nature of the track, Ewan still has the ability to create memorable hooks and alluring choruses that draw you in time and again.

Citalo-pop is a departure from last years debut album which confronted the singer songwriter’s difficulties in dealing with the toils of extreme anxiety disorder and bipolar. Citalo-pop immediately offers a freshness in comparison with the inclusion of fuzzy grunge-esque guitars, distorted, layered vocals and Algernon Doll’s trademark off-kilter alt-folk sound exhibited in his releases to date.

Inspired by the likes of Red House Painters on Old Ramon, Mark Lanegan, Elliott Smith and Dinosaur Jr, Algernon Doll continues to display a maturity beyond his years by executing such a rich texture to his songwriting – something many of his contemporaries would aspire to achieve.

Songs such as the previously mentioned ‘Anti-them’ and ‘Cassini’, mark an immediate change in direction – up tempo, distorted guitars soar throughout, with driven incessant drumming and time changes galore, all brought together by Grant’s emotionally charged vocals. Even the dreamier ‘Home- schooled’, which has a far more ominous feeling, illustrates the direction Algernon Doll has taken as the track builds slowly into a visceral, heavy outro spearheaded by Grant’s expressive guitar playing and intense vocals.

Citalo-pop is a vehicle for Grant to expel his dark outlook on life while allowing him to tap into his punk and hardcore background, creating a schizophrenic sound that keeps the listener on their toes throughout the 13 tracks found on the album.

For this release, Grant has assembled a full band for live shows and has played a number dates around Scotland this year, made an appearance at Go North Festival and is currently maintaining his prolific output by recording his third album in a year.

Citalo-pop is out now via Common Records and can be purchased on the Algernon Doll Bandcamp page.

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