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May 18, 2013


Exciting news! Tomahawk return to the road this summer taking the festival circuit by storm, as well as performing at other music venues across the continent. Here are the dates that are officially announced:
18th Dour, Belgium –  Dour Festival
19th Lisbon, Portugal –  Super Bock Super Rock
21th Ostrava, Czech Republic –  Colours of Ostrava
22nd Wroclaw, Poland – Arsenal
24th Tel Aviv, Israel – Nokia Theatre
22nd Lausanne, Switzerland – For Noise Festival
23rd Paris, France –  Rock en Seine Festival
24th Reading, England –  Reading Festival
25th Leeds, England –  Leeds Festival
27th Amsterdam, Holland – Paradiso
28th Milan, Italy – Mediolanum Forum (opening for Nine Inch Nails)
29th  Zurich, Switzerland – Zurich Openair
31st  Copenhagen, Denmark – Vega (with Bosnian Rainbows)
1st Oslo, Norway – Rockefeller Music Hall (with Bosnian Rainbows)
2nd Stockholm, Sweden – Debaser Medis  (with Bosnian Rainbows)
4th Helsinki, Finland – Circus (with Bosnian Rainbows)
6th Berlin, Germany Berlin Festival
The quartet comprising the talents of Mike Patton, Duane Denison, John Stanier and Trevor Dunn will be promoting their most recent album, Oddfellows, which Ipecac released at the start of the year. Oddfellows is the band’s fourth full length album and was recorded at Dan Auerbach’s Easy Eye studios in Nashville with Collin Dupuis. The package is made complete by the cover art – courtesy of renowned cartoonist and comics scholar, Ivan Brunetti.
There are two official videos available for mass consumption; one being ‘Stone Letter’ – the first single from the album and the second for title track ‘Oddfellows’.
Duane Denison will be available for face to face interviews throughout the tour, and over the phone and email prior to the shows so please get in touch to register your interest. For all other queries please get in touch via phone or email as usual.
Possessing vast stylistic and emotional variety, Oddfellows is a close cousin to Mit Gas – and yes stripped of the latter’s improv segues and more outre experimentation, it feels leaner, more coherent. A mighty return.– ROCK A ROLLA

While wonderfully idiosyncratic, Oddfellows finds them at their most accessible to date– CLASSIC ROCK

This contains readily identifiable songs. At times electronica, at others industrial, it occasionaly even delivers the eccentric, giant chorused rock that made Faith No More so great.” – Q MAGAZINE

Oddfellows is a varied collection of dark and twisted, alternative and angular rock. It’s broad scope of sounds and influence may come at the listener from a variety of home bases, yet the final product doesn’t end up being so frazzled and scattered…it remains a consistently solid rock record. Thankfully, as Oddfellows illustrates, Messrs Denison, Dunn, Patton and Stainer haven’t forgotten about the rock amid their experimental dalliances.” – METAL HAMMER

“‘White Hats/Black Hats’ sees Patton in deranged, mouth foaming top form, rhythmically spitting his way through the verses en route to a hand-clapping, scream n’ croon triumph of a chorus. ‘Stone Letter’…is more lightweight but no less of an ear worm for that, and ‘South Paw’ is the most achingly beautiful song about renegade wanking technique you’ll hear all year…a commanding, welcome comeback.– TERRORIZER

Duane Denison’s ever-interesting guitar lines nag and twist, basslines (courtesy of…Trevor Dunn) plunk mischievously and the irrepressible Mike Patton spews a constant stream of erratic vocal soup from his stricken voice-hole. Merging filmic expanse…with poppy alt-metal.” – ROCKSOUND

As intoxicating as it is discordant, it’s like having a friendly shaman pour ayahuasca tea down your ears.– BIZARRE

Their goal? To assimilate every musical genre into one alt.metal/rock sound. They make it seem so easy too, as Oddfellows veers from the inebriated, clownish sway of the title track to the thick piano plonking of I.O.U and the inexplicably periscope-themed haze of I Can Almost See Them.– KERRANG!

From the enigmatic thrash of White Hats/Black Hats to the twangy spaghetti-western atmospherics of I Can Almost See Them, it’s as mutteringly oblique as long-time Patton fans would hope, with enough big hooks to keep less devoted listeners on board too.– METRO

“‘Stone Letter’ comes on like a grunge-era anthem (“heavy Beach Boys”as Denison puts it). Still room for the perverse, though: see the sinister lounge noodling of “Rise Up Dirty Water”.– UNCUT

Hideously infectious choruses are the most distinctive evolution within Tomahawk’s approach to songwriting, creating their best album since their blistering debut over a dozen years ago.– LOUDER THAN WAR

A delightful display of songwriting that is both immediate and wacky without being at any points shallow and verbose. It works not just as the top draw rock album that it is but also as a marker of how you can sound interesting without necessarily tearing up the rule book. It’s the way that Tomahawk play that makes ‘Oddfellows’ great. In fact, it makes it bloody essential.– STEREOBOARD

“‘Oddfellows’ brings it all to the table. But rather than simply work to their strengths in an obvious way, they’ve pushed their experimentalism in all directions, while harnessing it and channelling it to produce an album that feels like an album – and that, ultimately, is Tomahawk’s real strength and what makes ‘Oddfellows’ an album that keeps on giving up new rewards.– WHISPERIN AN HOLLERIN

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