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Introducing: The Body Rampant

May 12, 2013


Debut album ‘Midnight Mayfair’ set for release 15th July, 2013
New track ‘Storm Bandage’ now streaming

‘Midnight Mayfair’ is the debut album by The Body Rampant.

The first song starts with the character of the story laying in the forest, dreaming of what will later be determined as his death. By the time the first song ends, the character’s heart has stopped beating and his brain has entered a hallucinogenic state where he appears to go through many visual and mental encounters. Each song can be represented as a memory or story from past years of his life, mixed in with scary monsters and colorful twists that he cannot explain (hence his post death brain synapse). Mayfair, being a fictional town that he created in his head during this disillusioned state, seems to be quite the scary and questionable place, but he cannot seem to get away, nor does he want to. Midnight is the time of day when the creatures start to come out and make things weird and uncomfortable for the character while he is trying to put the broken pieces of his life together in his head.

The Body Rampant hail from various towns across Southern California and their unique rock stylings have seen them throw themselves into their craft, self-booking tours across their vast home country, playing with bands like letlive. and HRVRD along the way and taking in the atmosphere of SXSW three years in a row. Concept is key and their masked goblin theme ties in with the various states of being throughout the tracks on Midnight Mayfair, which was produced by Brian McTernan.

The Body Rampant is
J.M. Lopez (vocals) | Jacob Nichols (guitar) | Travis Couch (guitar) | Joey Alaimo (bass) | Greg Haberek (drums)  |

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