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May 4, 2013



“IT’S 1983, GROW UP”

Canadian rock ‘n’ roll renegades FIST CITY are about to enlighten the UK for the very first time with the release of their awesome album, “It’s 1983, Grow Up” on July 8th. The album is scheduled for release on Black Tent Press, an excellent label that began as a tendril, growing off the ever-prestigious Drag City label in Chicago Illinois, and has released records for the likes of Bonnie Prince Billy, David Pajo and Paz Lenchantin.

Forming in Lethbridge, a smallish southern Alberta town, in 2010, Fist City jelled from the ashes of various punk bands to form a storming blend of garage-fuelled, surf-tinged, scuzzy rock n roll. It’s a powerful, upbeat reminder that the good times are back to stay this summer with Fist City primed to arrive and destroy all landfill- indie bands on sight.

“It’s 1983, Grow Up” is Fist City’s second full length release that graced the top ten on Canada’s independent airwaves last year. Led by catchy tracks such as ‘Endless Bummer’, ‘Boring Kids’ and ‘Creeps’, the album is a self-produced undiscovered gem that nearly didn’t see the light of day due to Calgary born guitar fiend Evan Van Reekum falling out of a fourth story window:

“I was fucked up for four weeks after that and couldn’t walk, but no broken bones, or at least I don’t think so,” Van Reekum told Noisey in a recent interview. “People should give it a try… just kidding! I guess I just did it as a joke or something, but I didn’t really care about my life or myself at that point. It probably came from a really dark place, but we were just at a party, and you know how that shit goes. Here I go, see ya!”

This life experience alongside singer Kier Griffith’s gender reassignment has had a profound effect on why this album is so damn good. The twin sister of ex- bass player Brittany Fist decided after 25 years as a female that it was time to move into male territory:

“It’s been really interesting and really cool,” says Van Reekum. “His voice is changing a lot, which you can hear on the new record for sure. Compared to our early stuff, it’s way less screechy and high-pitched. He also had a pretty major top surgery, which put us out for 10 weeks because we couldn’t play any shows. We spent that time writing songs and just rallying. It’s been a super positive thing.”

Tunes aside, Fist City’s live show is an epic powerhouse of raw energy. It has led them to play with the likes of GZA, Dinosaur Jr. The Men, and Canadian punks Fucked Up whose singer Damian Abraham played Fist City’s crude, kaleidoscopic animated “Debbie Get YR Boa” music video on the premiere TV episode of Much Music’s “The Wedge”. This caught the attention of a few fundamentalist Christian forum devotees who accused Fist City of being “Satan worshipping reptilian hermaphrodites” sparking a conspiracy regarding the band members and their involvement in the Satanic underground.

The rest is history, the band are on their way to the UK and the future is all about Fist City. Make sure you do not miss them on the following UK dates.

May 2nd-4th – Sound City Festival – Liverpool
May 5th – One Day Festival – Foxlowe Arts Centre – Leek
May 7th – the Banshee – Edinburgh
May 8th – Bloc Bar – Glasgow
May 10th – Santiagos – Leeds – w/ Nothington
May 11th – The Piper – Hull w/ Nothington
May 14th- House Show (stairs make us nervous) – Manchester – w/ The Hipshakes
May 15th – Shackwell Arms – London – w/ Cousins –
May 16th – Brighton – Great Escape Festival – 7.45pm @ The Hope
May 18th – Brighton – Great Escape Festival – 3.15pm @ Blind Tiger

FIST CITY are: Ryan Grieve (Drums) – Lindsay Munro (Bass/Vox) – Kier Fist (Vox/Guitar) – Evan Van Reekum (Guitar).

Find them online at:

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