Sic Alps release three shards of vivacious pop on new 12″ EP‏

April 1, 2013


Orange Sunshine! Blue Diamonds! Black Potatoes! Sic Alps are back! and they have burst onto the scene in a positively ebullient mood and with new tunes to boot.
Following their self-titled full length of last year, She’s On Top is a 12″ single, a B-12-booster shot extract straight from the heart of Sic Alps.
This is how the other half lives, laughs and loves. It’s fun and exciting, a picture from the airplane. Sic Alps are like you. They’re your friends — the better, smarter, faster, stronger ones. When they get back from their run, they’re friendly and will show you how the guitar works. Whoops, they picked it up and three songs fell out. Time for a 12″ single, and time to show the world the steel-plate resolve and wide, sparkling decks of the good ship Sic Alps. These three guns is all they need and now they’ve maneuvered into the power position.
“She’s On Top” will send you up shaking, laughing so hard you’re crying, and how you come down depends on your chemistry. Shards of pop…we may need pincers. “Carrie Jean” is a noirish creeper, another one about girlish allure. Now, “Biz Bag” blew the door open, jet-blast style, finishing with a bitter kiss ‘n’ giggle. And on this song, a new genre is spawned: power-brisk.
To sum up: all three songs = one solid blast and threaten to start and end parties with their vitality and charms. And you can’t stop playing them, that’s what records are for after all.
Drag City will release She’s On Top on 20 May 2013 and it’s all wrapped in a 12″ single sleeve inspired by and incorporating a Digger’s photograph. To request your digital promo copy, please do not hesitate to get in touch in the usual ways.
Grubby and textured, plaintive and minimal or playful and full-on, Sic Alps always convince, especially on “Lazee Sun”, which could be The Kinks, had Harry Smith recorded them for his folk anthology, and the frosted lullaby “See You On The Slopes– UNCUT
Pure psych-pop magic. The mixture of strings and tambourines in Moviehead is deliciously psychedelic and energetic.– THE LINE OF BEST FIT
Sic Alps’ fifth record’s diversity is what makes it stand alone. For an album based in grunge-tinged indie, it even has its beautiful moments – album closer ‘See You On the Slopes’ could be your first dance.” – LOUD AND QUIET
The pastoral strings of ‘Glyphs’ are a sumptuous garnish to the sort of stoned psychedelia Love As Laughter used to churn out so effortlessly, while the cocksure ‘Wake Up, It’s Over II’ pours gloopy fuzz over its slow-burning rough edges. A couple of piano-led downers bring us to a close; bruised and bleeding, but breathlessly exhilarated.– THE FLY

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