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Matthew Dotson’s ‘Revolution/Circumvention’ Release Feature- Already Dead Tapes

April 27, 2013


We adore the fairly fresh and brilliant label gaining quite a reputation of Already Dead Tapes + Records.

A tape & vinyl label of small editions.
Already Dead Tapes is run by Joshua Tabbia and Sean Hartman.

The roots of the label were established from musicians using non-traditional methods to craft sound as art.
As a niche tape & art label Already Dead places high regard on projects of an experimental nature.

These people help make this happen:
Ray Jackson (editorial)
Rob Skrzynski (video)
James Duke (video)
Already Dead Tapes have a vast and delectable collection of releases as the label are currently working on the grounds of releasing one album a week. Pretty Impressive.

Adding to their long and loveable list of releases, comes the newest found in the talented Matthew Dotson. Cassette release out now. More details below-

Matthew Dotson (los angeles, CA)


Vinyl and fine art in small editions.

Album title:
Cassette duration: 40 min
Edition Size: 40
Design: Katie Levi/Joshua Tabbia

Two songs compiled by Matthew Dotson, each travels a different journey with a different sound. “Revolution” begins
like the end of an album. The playtime is anarchic and falls short of any clear and descriptive adjectives. However soon enough the track eliminates the chaos and moves to the background. Upbeat, electronic rhythms are interspersed throughout with distant textures and an electronic sound. “Circumvention” is just as hypnotic. With exuberance, optimism and movements into slower darker sounds – Matthew Dotson promises a good listen.”
– Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2013

“This tape by Matthew Dotson is probably not the most ideal choice for review in Cerberus, since it’s my understanding that these reviews are supposed to be pretty short in general. But the Chicago noisenik packs so many different ideas, textures, and inflections into this incredible collage of sounds and styles that I’m going to struggle to keep my thoughts on Excavation as brief here as possible. My understanding is that Dotson records most of his work live, with sound sources culled from collected recordings of his world travels (notably Japan for the A-side of this tape, which features some pretty prominent Koto playing somewhere in the first half). But a lot of this stuff feels more than just live tape mixing and manipulating of found sounds — everything feels very performed, from moments of break-beat/noise that reminds me of some of Mouse on Mars more free-form mind scrambles, or maybe even Aphex Twin, to some drowsy extensions of electric guitar tones that drift into downtrodden post-rock, like outtakes from an older Tortoise LP strung together into a medley of beauty, intrigue, and general craziness. Aside from the sheer variety of sounds, and the complexity with which everything is woven together (truly excellent pacing through all of this, by the way), dynamics and solid understanding and exploitation of the stereo space are also some of Dotson’s stronger suits. Both sides are deep and compelling excursions into environments that remain hopelessly musical. That is, Excavation is a real album to be listened to for those basic musical elements in addition to being a tapestry of noises giving us something to awkwardly stare at in confused wonder. – Tiny Mix Tapes, 2013

Buy: alreadydeadtapes.bigcartel.com/product/ad073-matthew-dotson-revolution-circumvention


 Find out more about their releases and all information here- http://alreadydeadtapes.com/

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