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April 16, 2013


For fans of… Haim, MS MR, Blonde Redhead
Sinnbus records have presented an array of unbelievable talent over the last year with released from Bodi Bill, Me And My Drummer and, most recently, The/Das.

Now Unmap emerge from their roster with the release of their debut single When To Lead And When To Follow out on May 13th 2013.

When To Lead And When To Follow is available to download now via the Sinnbus Soundcloud page.

When To Lead And When To Follow pulses with naive yet sublime pride elegantly combining soul and electronica RnB and indie. Their sound, in places, has been described as an “updated version of chamber pop” with When To Lead And When To Follow feeling incredibly profound and somber. Defined by hypnotic medieval synths, haunting drum sections and the almost spoken word of Mariechen Danz the track becomes engrossing and effortlessly immersible.

Comprised of Mariechen Danz (vocals), Alex Stolze (violin, guitar, electronics), Matthias Geserick (bass) and Thomas Fietz (drums), Unmap have risen from the wintery depths waitinfg for the right moment to strike with their first musical offerings; When To Lead And When To Follow is not only their debut single but their first ever release full stop.

The band have created a real outstanding statement of intent with When To Lead And When To Follow. With talk of an album due out in Autumn 2013, this track is set to put this remarkably talented German four-piece safely on the map.

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