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Introducing: Suzuki Method

April 14, 2013



Out May 12 on A1(M) Records

“I’d Play them all night if I could, the best live band in Manchester” – Clint Boon, XFM

“Really well written and produced stuff, and very hooky!” – Everything Everything

“A compelling mix of shape-throwing and brow furrowing, as brooding as they are bouncy and twice as addictive” – Chris Long, BBC Introducing.

“Suzuki Method, Salfords finest sons are about to spread their wings and music beyond Manchester” – Shell Zenner, Amazing Radio

Summer 2011 and Manchester is burning. Thousands of the cities inhabitants are participating in the biggest outbreak of civil unrest in England for the last 30 years.

Smoke bellows from overturned cars, masked figures move in force through desolated streets while sirens scream in the distance….A riot.

But amidst the destruction, in an abandoned bedsit, something very different is happening. 5 Salfordians are channelling the chaos outside…

Suzuki/Method are Brothers and founders Adam and Glen Leishman, Michael Mathews, David Boyd and Ben Hounslow.

Together they have created a sonic landscape where anything and everything coexists simultaneously and seamlessly.

A place where 30 years of dance music culture collides with a wall of screaming guitars and lyrics question and lay blame in equal measure. Crucially however it is the principled and intelligent approach to pop music that make this Salford band so appealing to such a large demographic, and hard to ignore.

Drawing from a diverse palate of influences ranging from Daft Punk to The Smiths (by way of guitar lines that wouldn’t be out of place on a Parliament record) there is something almost Darwinian in their sound selections and arrangements, where in only the strongest hooks make the final cut.

Debut single Country Cousins is a cerebral dance floor powerhouse. Swelling bass lines and cast iron drum beats draped in lush synth textures provide a pitch perfect soundtrack to Vocalist Adam’s forlorn tale of youth in crisis.

Recently signed to A1(M) Records, Country Cousins is the first offering of new debut EP ‘NATIVE’, produced by David Tolan (Delphic, New Order, Primal Scream) and Jim Spencer (The Doves, The Vaccines, 808 State) is a statement of intent, a rallying cry from a cliché breaking band destined to mark their mark in 2013.

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