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March 17, 2013

Long-awaited debut album ‘Say Hi To The Band’ released May 13th
through Alcopop! Records


Alcopop! Records are proud to announce Say Hi To The Band – the long awaited debut album from Stagecoach, out May 13th. Produced by Rory Atwell (Palma Violets, The Vaccines, Yuck), the album will be released digitally as well on CD and vinyl. In keeping with the Stagecoach tradition of embracing unusual formats, a limited edition MiniDisc will also be available.

For Stagecoach fans, and the band themselves, this album can’t come soon enough.  Despite forming a decade ago, this will be their first full-length. This is referenced in the albums’ title, as singer/guitarist Luke Barham says: “We decided to name our album Say Hi To The Band as after 10 years of writing together we finally have a full length record to present to the world. We wanted to introduce the band to new fans but also reacquaint with older friends. The title also reminds us of the warm friendly welcome of classic albums like Meet The Beatles and The Beach Boys Love You.”

Instantly engaging, Say Hi To The Band is an album full of hooks, harmonies and huge choruses. Having toured relentlessly throughout their career, Stagecoach have channeled their raucous energy into the album to create 11 tracks that are as chaotic as they are jubilant.

The band have steadily built their reputation as one of the UK’s hardest working independent bands. A decade of touring, writing, travelling, recording, learning and growing has all been put into this debut album to create an unprecedentedly rewarding listen for a debut album. Despite going through experiences that would have destroyed lesser bands, Stagecoach are the model of perseverance, choosing the long and rewarding road rather than a quick and easy route.

This determination is mirrored in the title of the albums single ‘Work! Work! Work!’, the video for which has just gone online. The video captures Stagecoach’s infectious energy, as the band and 50 fans cram into a tiny room for a performance of the albums opening track.

Stagecoach will be performing tracks from their debut album in live shows throughout the year. Their next UK tour begins May 11th and the band will be visiting festivals across the country this summer.

Tour dates

May 11th -The Labour Club, Northampton
May 12th -TBC
May 13th -The Cellar, Oxford
May 14th -Birthdays, London (Launch with Joanna Gruesome & Tyrannosaurus Dead)
May 15th -The Zephyr Lounge, Lemington Spa
May 17th -The Great Escape, Brighton
May 18th -Rough Trade West, London
May 30th -The West End Centre, Aldershot
May 31st -The Buffalo Bar, Cardiff
June 1st -Santiago’s, Leeds

Track listing
1. Work! Work! Work! / 2. Action / 3. 56k Dial-Up / 4. A New Hand / 5. Threequel / 6. Kings Resolve / 7. First & Last / 8. Nothing Leads You Astray  / 9. We Got Tasers / 10. I’m Not Your House / 11. Video Shop |

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