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March 6, 2013


Boduf Songs has today announced a UK/EU joint headlining tour with Jessica Bailiff which begins next month in London.
It is notable that Sweet, alongside Clive Henry on bass, will also be playing as part of the live band for Jessica Bailiff, who will be performing songs from her most recent album on Kranky, At The Down-Turned Jagged Rim Of The Sky.
Wed 17 – Cafe Oto, London
Thu 18 – Cube Cinema, Bristol
Fri 19 – The Outer Church at the Green Door Store, Brighton
Mon 22 – Rubinrot, Prague
Sun 28 – Werkstatt, Linz
Mon 29 – Rhiz, Vienna
Tue 30 – Galeria U Mloka, Olomouc
Wed 1 – Boro, Brno
Thu 2 – [venue TBC], Pilsen
Fri 3 – Schokoladen, Berlin
Sat 4 – Hafen 2, Offenbach
Sun 5 – Portier, Winterthur
Wed 15 – Kavka, Antwerpen
…with more to be announced!
Boduf Songs is promoting the brand new album Burnt Up On Re Entry which is out now on CD and LP via Southern Records. The deluxe and heavyweight 180g version of the album comes in a gatefold sleeve, with three sides of music and the fourth side featuring a gorgeous etching. This really is a thing of great beauty.
To help raise awareness of this release and the forthcoming tour dates, Mat Sweet has created yet another video which The Quietus have premiered.
Watch and share the video for A Brilliant Shaft Of Light From Out Of The Night Sky‘ via this direct link:
Don’t forget, you can still get your hands on a promo copy of the Boduf Songs and Jessica Bailiff records and interview time with both so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you are keen. You can read all about Burnt Up On Re Entry below…
The album is an adventurous, unpredictable and exceptional piece of music, which marks the evolution of Mat Sweet’s sound from the minimalist acoustic approach he has previously taken on his four albums for the Kranky label, to a more adventurous and experimental treatment of his songs.
Burnt Up On Re-Entry is a place – an infinite space – where dark psychedelics are crafted using a combination of raw electronics, manipulated samples and heavy rock guitar. Where once other instruments were rare interludes betwixt brooding vocals and carefully plucked guitar, now they have a much bigger part to play, shaping entire songs into an animated whole. The songcraft on Burnt Up On Re-Entry remains centred around a heavy melodic and melancholic core, which has been prevalent across the entire Boduf Songs canon.
“Fiery The Angels Fell”, the album opener, is a fine example of this bold exploration into an even more dynamic form of composition. It begins with Mat Sweet’s hushed, mournful vocals and gentle string picks but quickly picks up the tempo, pushes the electric guitar to escape velocity and lurches out of its gravitational field. “Vermin Rend Thy Garments” and “Drexelious Sick Man Quarles Emblemes Closed Heaven” shift the planet on its axis yet again, the latter morphing into pulsing electronic tones with unearthly vocals and haunting synthesised dark matter. “Everyone Will Let You Down In The End” appears to provide a warm familiarity but eventually a disturbance occurs within its uniformly rotating mass, before erupting in a supernova explosion.
When the album draws to a close with “Oh My Overlord” we are left hurtling through blackness as bleeping radio transmissions fade in and out amidst epic, otherworldly instrumental soundscapes – we are lost in space, the place that Boduf Songs masterfully forges and envelops the listener in.
Burnt Up On Re-Entry is very much another galaxy for Boduf Songs, allowing Mathew Sweet to explore new black holes and interstellar clouds, resulting in expanding sounds that interact powerfully with his finely honed songwriting, and presenting a new hypothesis of the universe.
“Mat Sweet radiates in mellow, electronic subtlety. Skittery clicks and manipulated samples add heat and light to plucked guitar and breathy voice on songs that evolve in space-time.” – MOJO
It opens up an entire new world for Sweet to explore, and is richest and most surprising Boduf release yet– PITCHFORK
” This sounds like the great dark pop album of the ’90s that was never made.” – BRAINWASHED
This is a mighty piece of work that impressions with transcendental introspection via its play on words and renews trust by its depth of lyrics…The combinatory spectrographical and cultural bedrock of Indie is so vast now that any recouping of its thematic consistence is a boon to the modern listener.” – FLUID RADIO

All-round purveyor of haunting loveliness Boduf Songs is an artist who manages to deftly meld the sultry stroll of contemporary folk rock with a multitude of subtle nods to the lumbering unease of drone music in order to create a listening experience that’s both unique and wholly absorbing in nature…Burnt Up On Re-Entry contains some of his most skillfully crafted work to date, superbly honing in on his enduring ability to mix ethereal beauty with unwavering darkness as it they were one.– TERRORIZER

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