Meadowbrook Records News: State Lines ‘Hoffman Manor’ re-release + a new split between State Lines and Haverford!‏

March 23, 2013


State Lines fans! Meadowbrook Records has some exciting news regarding the band’s Hoffman Manor re-release and a new split between State Lines and Haverford!


State Lines Hoffman Manor 12″ Black go up Thursday!

Four Packages are available:

$15 – 12″ & Digital Split
$18 – 12″ & State Lines/Haverford Split Tape (Out April 2nd)
$20 – 12″ & Shirt& Digital Split
$22 – 12″ & Shirt & Split

Only 100 Pre-Orders going up – 2 Per Customer
Only 75 Split Tapes are up for Pre-orders

50 Sandy 12″
250 Black 12″
100 Tapes

If you bought a sand colored vinyl of Hoffman Manor, you will be receiving the split via email on April 2nd.

The remainder of the vinyl will be sold on tour.

(Expected ship date: May/June)


Pre-orders will be live tomorrow, at 3:30PM


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