March 3, 2013


Following the initial announcement of Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo, the eighth album from the London/Somerset 8-piece, Hey Colossus, we are happy to let loose the album opener ‘Hot Grave’ as a giveaway for all to share. Head on over to MIE’s Soundcloud page now to check it out:

Hey Colossus have also announced some live activity in the works, here’s how the shows are looking so far…

16 March – Brighton, Green Door Store (TST.X Festival)
22 March – Brussels, Magasin4
27 March – London, Lexington (album launch w/ The Pheromoans + Quietus DJ’s)
16 April – London, Corsica studios (w/ Eternal Tapestry)
25 April – Paris, tbc
27 April – Lille, La Malterie

…with more UK dates including Cardiff and Bristol to be confirmed soon.

Now in their tenth year the band have been gathering plaudits and accumulating new fans with every release, and after playing to thousands at Supersonic Festival last year, things are accelerating at an even faster pace.

As with each album release, Hey Colossus continue to mutate and for their eighth album they have enlisted the support of a new drummer, Part Chimp guitar/vox man, Tim Cedar, who has undoubtedly brought a whole new kind of energy that has reinvigorated the band. When the rhythm section takes a shot to the bow it’s only natural for the game to change. But long term supporters need not worry, they’re still heavy, still got the same vibe, only now they are focused in a fresh way.

Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo was recorded live to tape throughout 2012 in Dropout Studios, South London, by Mr. Westminster Brown, mastered by James Plotkin. For this recording, Hey Colossus opt for a hefty hi-fi sound when previously they were drenched in Lo-fi fuzz. Now there is room to breathe when before they were utterly unrelenting. Tape loops and walls of noise created by bass and drum rhythmic klang, dual vocals, and three guitars are supplemented by a variety of instruments including the bağlama saz, turntables and synths – adding a whole new dynamic to their sound. These are signs of a band who are playing with their ears open and it’s all systems go.

Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo will be released on CD, digitally and in a run of 500 LPs with artwork by the band on 1 April via MIE. Digital promo and some physical promo is available now, so please let me know if you are keen to hear it. And if you are interested in obtaining guest list for one of the aforementioned shows I would also love to hear from you. I shall bring you another update including more live action very soon.

“UK noise rock is going through a particularly healthy period at the moment, with RRR being a perfect example of its pith, piss, vinegar and vigour.” – John Doran, The Quietus

“Sounds like TV sets being dropped into a vat of boiling oil while Can rehearse Moonshake in the adjoining room” – Keith Moline, The Wire

“Second in the top 10 noise rock bands in the UK” – NME.COM


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