Foxing and Texas Instruments Join the Count Your Lucky Stars Roster‏

March 21, 2013


Foxing and Texas Instruments Join the Count Your Lucky Stars Roster

It’s been an exciting year already, and it’s going to get more exciting with the addition of two amazing bands to the Count Your Lucky Stars Records roster. Everyone please welcome Foxing ( and Texas Instruments ( to the family.


On the way back from our glorious SXSW Showcase with Topshelf Records and Light & Noise, we had to switch some shows around in order to get Joie De Vivre back to work on time.  So we moved our Kansas City show to Saturday instead of Sunday.  There was already a show going on that day, and we were lucky enough to get them both combined.  It turned out to be very fortuitous indeed, because otherwise we wouldn’t have shared the stage with St. Louis natives, Foxing.  And we would have missed out on an incredible band.  Foxing sounds like if Anathallo were an emo band.  Filled with trumpets, amazing vocals, melodic guitars, and the tightest rhythm section I’ve seen in a long time, Foxing are going to be (heck, they already are) something very special.  From the very first notes of their set, I knew I was going to sign them.  Our friends at Carucage records recently released a split with Foxing and Send Away Stranger and we were able to grab a few from them to put in our webstore.  Grab them here now.  Foxing are already in the midst of recording their debut LP, and it will be out later this year on CYLS.


Texas Instruments have been friends of ours for a long time, and we’ve kept an eye on them for years. The time has finally come to pluck them up and add them to our ranks. WE COULDN’T WAIT ANY LONGER, THEY ARE TOO GOOD. HOT DAMN, SON. With our friends at Texas Is Funny Records, we are co-releasing their debut LP Neither Here Nor Thayer this spring. In fact, we’ve already sent it off to the pressing plant! Hailing from Independence, Kansas, Texas Instruments fits nicely with our heavier side of the roster, and can be placed alongside your Reptilian, Cloudmouth, and Innards records. Think heavy meets awesome.

2013 = the best year ever!

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