Beaty Heart unveil unmissable ‘Seafood’ video‏

March 6, 2013


Beaty Heart
‘Seafood’ video online now
Single released on 8th April 2013
on limited edition cassette through Heart Throb Records

Single launch on Tuesday 9th April @ White Heat, Madame Jojo’s

Beaty Heart have unveiled the intoxicating new video for their forthcoming single ‘Seafood’, released on cassette on 8th April through Heart Throb Records. The undeniably trippy video is described by the band as a ‘midnight meal gone bad’ and partly inspired by the food fight scene in the movie Hook. Directed by the band themselves, the video perfectly complements the tracks idiosyncratic unpredictability, with its unsettling yet fascinating mix of colour and energy.

Band member Charlie Rotberg says: “We wanted to capture that awkward feeling of being hungry yet disgusted at the same time, when your stomach churns and you can’t tell whether you’re starving or sick. We’ve never done a video with such a clear narrative that involved acting, but luckily for us it all tasted revolting so there wasn’t much need for that…”

Beaty Heart juxtapose musical and cultural influences from popular music across the globe into their work, weaving an array of samples, instrumentation, and percussion to create a sound described as ‘psychedelic drum pop’ and ‘funfair-punk’. Both Beaty Heart’s live and recorded music is accompanied by original artwork and video created by the band members. The band strive to create pop music that cannot be sonically associated to any particular time or place, constructing their music by using the aspects of many forms of popular music that they feel are ‘timeless’.

‘Seafood’ will be released on a limited run of 100 cassettes (with an instant download) on the 8th April through Heart Throb’s Bandcamp page.

Live dates

March 7th             Glitches Warehouse Party, London
March 8th             The Joiners, Southampton
March 12th          Notting Hill Arts Club, London
April 9th                Single Launch Party @ White Heat, London
April 10th                  Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds
April 13th              Start The Bus, Bristol
April 18th              Servant Jazz Quarters, London
May 18th              Pianos, NYC

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