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Alta- ‘Places’ Album Feature- Edils Records Special

February 3, 2013


If there is one word we could use to describe Alta- it’s incredible.

Our friends and music idles Edils Records introduced us to this insatiable act a while ago; due to life getting in the way it’s regrettably, for us, taken this long to get Alta on the website. However, now we’ve fallen in love- get ready to hear Alta this Alta that.

2013 is proving THE year for music. And Alta’s vinyl release of ‘Places’ has confirmed this.
Aram Heil, Justin Gaworski, Eric Ash and Josh Rardin together make up this Milwaukee based, enigmatic force found in  Alta. This post hardcore,post punk, supertalent outfit will have you hooked within the first beat. They guarantee to deliver and this is shown throughout their release ‘Places’.

Although officially released in the summer of 2012- various labels supported this talent and themselves released limited runs- this being CD and Cassette only.  Edils Records added Alta to their catalog of promising acts and  have created a limited run of vinyls of this first full length from Milwaukee’s Alta – which is available now.

Their new record is simply explosive. Dangerously explosive. Taking various genres, influences and ideas and making their own mark on music;  Alta are a  breath of fresh air within the industry. ‘Places’ provides 7 tracks of engaging and intense orchestrations.

Places Tracklisting

1. Winter-Mute
2. Ocean Liners
3. Dakota
4. Ray
5. Merry New Year
6. + –
7. Sorting Rooms

‘Winter-Mute’ aggressively starts the proceedings with a straight up melodic fusion of emotional vocals layered with hypnotic riffs and tantalizing chords. The composition escalates into a heavier instrumentation with pelting drum beats and sheering screams, before that catching, unforgettable noodly riff wraps itself tight and captures the track.
This moving song transcends to a progressive display with drums being the heart of the passion. Combined with fierce feedback and tainted vocals you are simply left lusting for more.
The Reptillian-eque taps/riffs takes you deep into ‘Ocean Liners‘. And once more the act have created an intense formation. ‘Merry New Year‘ captures the heart with a fast Explosion In The Sky-like post rock intro, aided with stop start drums before heavier interludes and amicable chant’s empower the single.

Alta’s efforts and creativity displayed throughout each influential orchestration proves the perfect combination of workmanship. With each track showcasing the quartet’s range of musical ability. Not one musician trying to overpower the rest, but simply the perfect balance of ingenuity.
Within all tracks it needs to be mentioned the vocalists’ attentive detail to his role. Each composition focuses on the empowering outbursts and meaningful lyrics delivered in such a powerful way the message has to be heard. For singers attempting the same thing, for instance many emo/post hardcore bands their singers are put to shame by Alta’s. For his style is perfect. Not overpowering yet still projected with impetuous force.

Overall, there’s nothing more we can add to this flawless record- we can’t knock it. This is a release destined for your collection.

Listen to Places Streaming in it’s entirety here-

Huge slabs of raw emotion played out through instruments that are played so hard they sound like they are at the point of breaking! ALTA’s new record gives you everything. 10 seconds in and we swear you’ll be hooked. A Beautiful production captures ALTA’s controlled chaos perfectly. Guitar tapping, massive riffs, ruthless times sigs, gang vocals, screamy vocals, soundscapes, vocals dripping with honestly and passion. You can visualise the band sweating in a small room giving it their all as you listen to this record. Its better to just listen to the record. YOU WILL LOVE IT. ALTA are not messing around. A total DIY punk rock ethic, This is post hardcore,post punk, post whatever – perfection! Honest music played how it should be. No posers here. – EDILS


Edils Recordings have got low stock of this superb release on sky blue vinyl. They’ve made up a few white vinyl style CD too. SO BE QUICK if you want to get physical! Available via their bandcamp-


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