The Weeds’ (Ex-Transit/Late Nite Wars, Defeo, Sleepsick) First EP Roots/Routes out February 26 on Catskull Records; Now Available For Pre-Order; Song Streaming on‏

January 18, 2013

The Weeds’ (Ex-Transit/Late Nite Wars, Defeo, Sleepsick) First EP Roots/Routes out February 26 on Catskull Records
Now Available For Pre-Order
New Song Streaming on

“You may not know who they are now, but I assure you by the time the year is over everyone will know who The Weeds are.”- Highlight Magazine

The Weeds, featuring former members of Transit/Late Nite Wars and Defeo will release their debut EP Roots/Routes on February 26 via indie label Catskull Records (distributed through No Sleep Records’ mailorder). The EP will be available digitally via Spotify, but the physical version will only be available as a limited edition cassette via No Sleep Records store (which includes a bonus track delivered digitally upon order.)

To pre-order, visit:

A new song titled “Sunset Eyes” is now streaming on Propertyofzack at:

In a joint statement, the band says, “We’re excited for people to hear this record because we really feel that the songs represent our band’s dynamic very well. These songs were super fun to write and play and they make us all smile every time we get together and jam, so we hope it will make the listeners smile as well, especially if they are in a down mood and need a pick up, or even if they’re in a great mood and want to continue their PMA. We just hope the songs touch people emotionally, no matter what mood they are in.

Working with Mike Moschetto (Aviator, Long Lost) at The Office Recording Studio was a blissful experience. He was really able to comprehend exactly what we wanted to do with this record and was very professional and accommodating with everything. Not to mention he has a wicked cute pup and an awesome cozy studio close to home.

The band started to come together when Justine approached John about recording some drums for a project that she was starting up with Joe around early summer 2012. A few hangs and jams later, we started writing new tunes together. All of us including Jarek got together for the first time at Joe’s birthday party in the beginning of August and it quickly turned from a little recording project into a rockin’ band that we’re all pursuing with great passion and intensity.

In the upcoming weeks/months/years we’re hoping to release as much music as possible, see as much of the world as possible, play with some awesome bands, and acquire as many friends, fans, and support as we can. We’re always looking to work hard, be productive and creative, and most importantly be happy and healthy…aka conquer the world!

What influences us musically are bands that are original and aren’t conforming to any common style or genre, especially bands that you can tell progress in their writing style overtime and who are constantly working hard. We try not to emulate any band and just write whatever comes to us during our writing process but bands like Tegan and Sara, The Early November, Saves The Day, and Nirvana are just a few bands that we feel fit the mold

The band will be touring out to the midwest and the east coast over the next few months and into the summer.

The Weeds
Justine DeFeo- vocals & guitar
Joe Lacy- vocals & guitar
Jarek Maj- slappinthebass
John Hadley- Drums

Roots/Routes Tracklist:


* delivered instantly when you pre-order

% exclusive digital bonus track when you order via No Sleep

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