Tartufi video interview launched and full details of their brand new album exposed‏

January 26, 2013

Putting all the facts together that we currently know, Tartufi are releasing their brand new album entitled These Factory Days on Southern Records on 25 March, and it’s a vibrant and progressive feat in experimental music. But who are Tartufi and what have they to say about their latest offering?

Check out this short video interview interspersed with behind the scenes footage which will answer both of these questions and hopefully lure you into their wonderful world…

Now that we have whet your appetite, here is some more in-depth biographical information about Tartufi and the recording of These Factory Days…

Having formed in 2001, the San Francisco trio comprised of Lynne Angel, Brian Gorman and Ben Thorne (Low Red Land, Minot), has become well know for their loop-heavy sonic soundscapes, overlaying harmonies, melodies and poly-rhythms. The effect is something unlike most popular music today, an aural overhaul, a hypnotic surrender to their sound and a wonder to witness, live or on record.

With six studio albums under their belts, these bastions of the San Francisco scene are showing no signs of slowing with the release of their new album These Factory Days (Southern Records) slated for March 2013. Building upon their musical mosaics and seamless song-craft the recent addition of Thorne on bass has allowed the band to fully metamorphose into a three-headed creature walking the wires between chaos and cacophony, subtly and synchronicity. Whereas before Angel and Gorman preferred the whirlwind approach, favoring a systematic shock to the senses – with the addition of Thorne the band is able to utilise time and space to elicit an overall sense of total fluidity. If you thought you were in a strange alien river before then best grab a paddle because this river flows into the sea of sonic accord. As one reviewer said, “Tartufi are unafraid of venturing into a complex sonic world where post-rock, psych and experimental pop are built from endless loops and pulsing polyrhythms, then blasted off into space to see what happens. The result is a beautiful, and unpredictable, wall of sound”.

Tartufi took over a year and a half to track and mix These Factory Days, once again with the aid of Tim Green (Melvins, Howlin Rain, Joanna Newsom, Fresh & Onlys) at Louder Studios and The Hangar, and also with Scott McDowell at Hyde Street. The result is a band fully settled within their sound, secure amongst an ocean of interlocking counterweights, where you are at once upon the bright surface and walking the cavernous depths.

Tartufi advance upon their layered spectrum of sound and further push the boundaries of sonic sameness and classic structure to evoke an overall sense of movement and progression. Pop songs be damned – Tartufi is a country of sound.

We would wholeheartedly encourage you to hear the record, so if you are interested, please let me know and I will be glad to share.
As promised last week, there is an abundance of video footage still to share in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more creative sparkle from Tartufi very soon.

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