Mender New Album ‘Asembulus’ Released November 12th

November 4, 2012

As the drummer in Alright The Captain, Ashley West-Mullen is a third of one of the most brutal and innovative math rock bands in the UK. As Mender, Ash exposes his softer, more melodic side.

Having overcome the barrier of the ‘difficult second album’ with the critically acclaimed ‘The Subtle Sting Of Change‘, Mender’s newest release Asembulus is a 6 track mini album that continues to lace ambient acoustic articles with electronic intricacies and commercial sensibilities. Singles My Steed Is A Fucking Unicorn and Disyllabic are formidable tunes that will echo around your head long after you’ve heard them.

Asembulus clocks in at a solid 32 minutes and will be available as an exclusive free download from Mender’s bandcamp page. The download includes a PDF of the stunning album art which has been created by Carrie Hodson-Walker of One Beat music blog.

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