Math The Band Unveils Tour Dates, Music Videos and More

November 17, 2012

“…the two play with such intensity during live shows, they’ve reportedly suffered seven broken bones and multiple stitches from thrashing around. Now that’s a show.” – NPR

Math the Band are a runaway train. Some people think they are a duo of musicians. Easy mistake. But really, in truth, they are larger than life. An embodiment of the tall tales we learn as children. A testimony to the extraordinary power of the human spirit. Living as artists in residence at Providence’s AS220, their home is not where they keep beds. It is their workshop where they build their own instruments and write blistering party songs. Don’t expect to find them at home though, as they tour almost constantly. Most recently with another larger than life musician, Andrew W.K. (who also featured the band on his internet show ‘Let’s Big Happy’). Math the Band re-envision the John Henry story by commandeering the steam powered hammer, and with forces combined, triple their efforts. Never stopping to rest, this lifestyle is exactly what manifests in their sound. The songs are moving fast and the energy is full force before your ears even get there. In fact, no song on their new album ‘Get Real’ even drops beneath 170 bpms, and just wait till you hear what type of reality these two live in at 310 bpms. Math the Band are a locomotive powered by the belief that we can do anything we dream of. Then again, to Math the Band, these aren’t dreams. Just the way that this duo likes to ‘Get Real’.

Math the Band deserves legendary status” – Venus Zine

Tour Dates

11/8/12 Providence RI – Providence Album Release Party @ AS220
11/9/12 Portland ME – Geno’s
11/16/12 Boston MA – Da Keebla
11/17/12 New York NY – NYC Album Release Party @ Death By Audio
11/18/12 Grand Rapids MI – Cornerstone Univ. @ Corum Student Union
11/18/12 Kalamazoo MI – Wayne Manor
11/19/12 Chicago IL – Alderaan
11/20/12 Milwaukee WI – Quarters
11/21/12 Minneapolis MN – Cause Soundbar
11/23/12 Seattle WA – Hollow Earth 2018 East Union St., Seattle, WA
11/24/12 Olympia WA – Northern
11/25/12 Portland OR – Jurassic Park
11/27/12 Santa Cruz CA – 215 Storey St
11/28/12 Oakland CA – Uptown
11/29/12 Santa Barbera CA – Biko Garage
11/30/12 Los Angeles CA – The Smell
12/01/12 Temecula – The Dial
12/02/12 San Diego CA – Che Cafe
12/03/12 Pheonix AZ – The Trunk Space
12/04/12 Tucson AZ – Solar Culture
12/05/12 El Paso TX – Lips Lounge
12/07/12 Austin TX – Beer Land
12/08/12 Ft Worth TX – 1919 Hemphill
12/09/12 Norman OK – Ampy Shanty
12/10/12 Lawrence KS – Bottleneck
12/11/12 St Louis MO – Lemp Arts
12/12/12 Bloomington IN – 700 Club
12/13/12 Columbus OH – Villa ville-kula
12/14/12 Huntington WV – Funky Towne
12/15/12 Pittsburgh PA – Garfield Artworks
12/29/12 Lowell MA – 119 Gallery
1/2/13 New Haven CT – Free Show @ BAR
1/4/13 New York NY – Glasslands
1/5/13 Philadelphia PA – Kung Fu Necktie
1/8/13 Charlottesville VA – Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar
1/9/13 Charlotte NC – The Milestone
1/10/13 Jacksonville FL – Burro Bar
1/12/13 Atlanta GA – Wonder Root
1/13/13 Memphis TN – Crosstown Arts
1/15/13 Cincinnati OH – Comet Bar
1/16/13 Toronto ON – Rancho Relaxo
1/17/13 Rochester NY – Bug Jar
1/20/13 Boston MA – Middle East

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