Who Is Peace’d Out? Band To Release Self-Titled Debut on October 30 via Siren Records Stream The EP Now on Altpress

October 27, 2012

Who Is Peace’d Out?
Band To Release Self-Titled Debut on October 30 via Siren Records
Stream The EP Now on Altpress

After weeks of speculation and online buzz (further fueled by a series of cryptic video transmissions and the appearance of mysterious USB drives discovered at random location across the country) the identities of each member of hardcore/metal rockers Peace’d Out have been revealed in a new clip, which can be viewed here:

Peace’d Out hail from both California and New York, and cover many miles and years in between. Coming together from various other musical endeavors, Vinnie Caruana (I Am The Avalanche, The Movielife), Steve Choi (RX Bandits), Casey Deitz (The Velvet Teen) and Roger Camero (No Motiv, The Warriors) are fiercely loyal to being a unified collective and inaugurated as such not contingent on the past, or the present even.

Peace’d Out have blended together a sonic bath of the finest elements in hardcore, punk, and metal. One could even prefix a “post-” to said genres. The result is triumphant, risky, and unapologetic.

The band’s incendiary self-titled release, due out on October 30 on LA indie Siren Records (Silver Snakes, No Motiv) was recorded at Bright Mountain Studios in just about a week’s time, true to the ethos of their core and respective talents as musicians, and the precision of their performing together.

Peace’d Out begins as a musical vessel, but extends its reach as something much greater. Steve Choi says himself, “While everything is planned, we had no idea what was happening once we began. A gentle inspiration transformed and became so aggressive in its delivery that what we thought were moments of calm clarity, quickly became frustrated shouting for most of the address. We stand next to our musical architecture, still trying to figure out what we built. What we aim to do for ourselves is the same thing we aim to do for our listeners; To intrigue and awe, to confuse and frustrate, to release and express, to break necks and dizzy the ears. We pound the ground and flail our arms while trying to seem in control. We make our own accidents purposeful. Our musical foundation has Peace’d Out.”

Peace’d Out will be playing select shows in the fall. Stay tuned for more details.

Praise for Peace’d Out:

“My only complaint about this EP is that it ends. This is majestic and beautiful in its own distorted way… this whole album feels like members of Yes or Tool decided to make a hardcore album and thrash away in challenging, intense music, and somehow there’s a pop sensibility to it all. There’s harmonies on this album, and simple, catchy melodies. Peace’d out made a hard to explain but easy to understand record: This will be my favorite record of the year… In a time where most music isn’t pushing at all, they have pushed sound to its limits and left me at the edge, looking down, wanting more.” – Under The Gun Review

“ This is the “post-hardcore” I grew up with. This doesn’t sound like some “glitch” dubstep pretty boy project. The song shifts are interesting, the riffs are infectious and the vocals sound raw and not coated in studio make-up. “- Absolutepunk

“…Peace’d Out unravel in cascading riffs and angry vocal outbursts. There’s barely even a hint of pop punk here as this collection of musicians channel the likes of The Dillinger Escape Plan to create a collection of exciting and unpredictable tracks that appear to almost careen out of control whilst actually maintaining a carefully judged tightness of musicianship that’s impressive and admirable. Far from being merely an intensely noisy affair, Peace’d Out have experimented with sounds making this a far more exciting ride than you initially expect. It’s a five track assault on the ears that announces the band’s arrival in the world with no holds barred. Certainly a thrilling introduction and one which leaves us hoping and praying that this isn’t a fleeting experimental outing…”- Caught in the Crossfire

Stream the EP here:





Who Is Peace’d Out?
Band To Release Self-Titled Debut on October 30 via Siren Records
Stream The EP Now on Altpress

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