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The Misers- ‘A Weight Off The Mind (Is Still A Load On The Shoulders)’ Album Advance Review Due November 5th

October 11, 2012

After a long overdue wait- local talent The Misers have returned back to their adorning fans, and back to the live scene, filling the space that they’d left. Having released their debut album, Amplified Life Stories, in 2009- the band had no idea what journey they’d take in the steps following the release. Their album three years ago projected the talent into a whole new light. Introducing the act to a larger audience, having their compositions played on national radio, live sessions on Radio 2, renowned radio presenters backing the record and consistently promoting the release . College radio stations across America playing their tracks, UK tours and festival dates and appearances on ITV and SKYArts1- The Misers made their mark on musical society. And a lot has happened in the past three years. The act have experienced the High’s and Low’s that success brings but ultimately insured their passion and creativity was to remain at the forefront of the band logistics.

Fast forward 3 years and you may be forgiven for thinking that you are witnessing a new band. As mentioned the band have faced a lot, including departures within the line up and changes. But they’ve proven their professionalism, determination and power is the key to finding themselves through the worst and still impressing all. This year finds The Misers in a period of renewed fire, renewed focus and a renewed passion.
Along the way, the band lost founding member and hammond player Adam Barry to pastures new and also bass player and a previous featured musician on Circuit Sweet found in Karl Dixon who has emigrated to New Zealand. Another featured musician and friend of Circuit Sweet, truthfully one of the most talented drummers of our time- Shane Dixon is still holding his own in the band and The Misers have also welcomed Paul Cannop (Guitar/Vocals)  and Sid Griffin (Bass/Vocals). Shane announced that ‘The moment we stepped into the studio with these guys, something just clicked‘. And that formation and it’s working unity can be found in The Misers forthcoming release.

‘A Weight Off The Mind (Is Still A Load On The Shoulders)’ breaks that silence and unveils this new fresh looking act in a true impressive style. The stunning new album  is set for release November 5th. The album has been produced by Rockfield Studios veteran and friend Paul Cobbold (Echo & The Bunnymen, Waterboys, Nick Lowe) who bring a fresh, contemporary approach to The Misers fiercely organic sound.

Neil Ivison (Vocals/Guitar) states “3 years is a long time to go between albums but once we got these songs together, we honed them on the road. We wanted them to be the best they could be, we’d play anywhere that would have us. We toured relentlessly we built our fan base on the road and I continue to be blown away by how these guys have stuck by us through thick and thin.”

We were honored to receive an Advanced Review Copy of the newest album and we couldn’t wait to share it with you.

A Weight Off The Mind (Is Still A Load On The Shoulders) Tracklisting:

1. A Weight Off The Mind
2. Fine Line
3. Old Town
4. Back In Your Arms
5. Long Way Down
6. Seven Seas
7. The Shrine
8. My Life Story
9. I Got A Woman
10. Second Time

The  new 10 track album delivers. From the start and its opening titled track which unfolds the single with straight hard hitting vocals and catchy guitar hooks. Progressing from a soft and inciting melodic composition before their renowned rock fusions take hold of the track, with illustrious riffs beckoning the flow. The band heighten the track up to create a mighty impression, backing the orchestrations with an array of horns. An addictive track and a great start into the rest of the release. ‘Fine Line’ offers stunning vocals, a mix of sweet tones and contagious beats. All of the tracks flow concurrently which allows the listener to enjoy the rhythmic journey and understand the hard work and progression this album transmits. ‘Back In Your Arms’ offers real emotion. As this track slows the pace and adds deep affection into the mix. A strong promising and simply stunning track, The Misers stripped back that raw sensation they so easily provide, to attack your senses in a subtle way. ‘Back In Your Arms’ consists of palpitating and long lasting beats balanced with a plentiful blend of soothing backing vocals.   The album then marches into ‘Long Way Down’ which lifts the mood but still manages to captivate with its catchy chorus and meaningful lyrics. In-fact meaningful  lyrics which connect you with what’s being told within each composition is something Neil has got down to a fine art. He has the ability as a singer to connect with each listener through his own words. Something singers can find hard to do,  it seems to come to Neil very easily. And this is shown throughout. ‘Seven Seas’ created by both Neil and Shane is another contender for best track on the album. Another solid offering for the band, holding its own with gritty vocals and grooves, lasting notes and the right amount of fuzz, this is pure rock at its best. This is followed by ‘The Shrine’, once again another track which offers variation, showing how the band can apply their talents and abilities to different inputs, this time a touching serenade, lulling acoustic notes and those inspiring lyrics culminating a compelling creation. The album then ends on a soulful arrangement.

‘A Weight Off The Mind..’ is stated to deliver on the promise The Misers have shown throughout their career. And that is has. Together the band have grown, creatively and courageously. This is a band that have defeated all odds to come back and make their fans fall in love all over again. They’ve got the ability to make any emotion within their music, mixing a variety of genres to something of their own. They should be proud of their efforts and this release will reward them.

We too believe this is where the new chapter in The Misers’ tale really begins.


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