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October 9, 2012

Death Rattle are Helen and Chris Hamilton – an enigmatic, dark electro duo based in London. Their debut EP HE&I (‘He & I’) is due for release via Frontal Noize on October 15th 2012.

Much of the EP was written shortly after their previous alt grunge band – That Mouth – abruptly disbanded after releasing their debut album. In need of a completely fresh start, the pair followed a new direction musically, going away for a month to write and record something that refleced their darkening and more melancholic tastes with the band citing influence from Depeche Mode‘s Violater, as well as Fever Ray and NIN. The resulting sound of Death Rattle’s debut is one that stands up strongly on its own.

From start to finish, HE&I sends shivers down your spine. Like a sensual futuristic android, Helen’s dark and droning vocal harmonies give a robotic feel to their atmospheric opener ‘The Dig’ with Chris’ beatsand synth pulses akin to a mechanical heartbeat thumping underneath – Death Rattle’s war cry and signature style. Increasing the tempo, ‘Do As You Please’ follows perfectly with the band’s bold, tribal-esque beats playing a big part once more behind Helen’s dark and evocative lyrics. With themes of love, loss, isolation and unity, the duo present more layers to their sound as the last three tracks unfold. ‘Fixer’ is the dark, mutated lovechild of Sleigh Bells and Friendly Fires – beguiling and rebellious with an enticingly catchy chorus. ‘Mouse Chorus’ slows the pace to a gentle hypnotic canter and their fifth and final track ‘Sorry For Your Loss’, seems the perfect end to such a mesmerising and atmospheric journey.

Helen and Chris remain a mysterious duo, amalgamating their identities completely and representing themselves as one unit; their compelling imagery, videos and music working together symbiotically. It was this unique and bold outlook that caught the eyes and ears of European label Frontal Noize and after just two months of writing music together, Death Rattle were offered a deal. Since the signing, the band have been working hard on the live circuit playing Brainchild Festival (Reading), Swanfest (Ipswich), Via Ventosa Festival (Holland) as well as shows in Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium.

Death Rattle’s first release HE&I, is an enthralling and daring debut and an exciting glimpse of what’s in store as the pair prepare for a UK and European tour starting on October 18th and make plans for their debut album release in 2013.

UK electronic doom pop duo Death Rattle release their new music video ‘Fixer’ taken from their debut five-track EP.

 Fixer is Death Rattle’s third video release following previous video releases for singles The Dig and Do As You Please.

The EP is released on limited edition CD and Itunes on 15th October 2012 but pre-orders are now available at the band’s webshop and all pre-orders made on or before 15th October will receive an exclusive free download of the band’s awe-inspiring cover of Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain. With no immediate plans to release this track, this is the only way that fans can currently secure themselves a copy.

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